Splash Mountain Art Sara, Celeste, Mario, james

Splash mountain is a ride at Disneyland. This theme park is located in Anaheim, Los Angeles. Our art work is based off of this ride. We will be designing a slide in a public park in la for everyone to enjoy.
The park our art peice will be located in is the Grand Park of Los Angels. Grand Park is a 12-acre park located in the civic center of Los Angeles, California. It is part of the larger Grand Avenue Project
This is the location the slide will be placed by all the water. This is convenient because the slide will be a water slide based off of splash mountain.

We will be building a place in the park that is contributed to the ride at Disneyland splash mountain. Our slide will have a castle that you walk into up stairs and can go down a slide into a litttle pool.

Our final product

The cost for the castle will be $110. The cost for the slide with the pool on the bottom will be $21,000. The cost for all 6 fountains, being $35 each, will be $210.


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