Politics By Korn

See You On The Other Side

2005 | Rock

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“You want to sleep with him to get to who you need to know. -- Think that's the way to go don't you? -- Its in religion, sex, and everything we do and say. -- I look the other way won't you?”


  • This song hit #22 on the Billboard Dance/Club Play Songs chart and #18 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Songs chart.
  • Politics is the last Korn single to feature David Silveria on drums.
  • See You On The Other Side is the first Korn album without long-time guitarist Brian "Head" Welch.


Luke Tatum

All the guilt from things the things you've done; You wonder what for; What you thought was so much fun; You have to pay for" is quite the interesting lyric. Most of the song is pretty self-explanatory, but this is the bit that I kept coming back to. Is this about politicians, or about voters? Like all instances where we're talking about government, there is a tendency to treat pronouns as interchangable. "We" can be used in place of government, even though you and I aren't part of the government. So is this guilt for things "we've" done? Or only specific political actors? Is this something that politicians thought was so much fun, or is "you" a specific voting bloc? I know it's commong for us libertarians to point at voters and call them complicit in this wretched system, but I also see the other side: Is it fair to hold someone who has been propagandized their entire life to buy into a system to the same standard that we hold the political class? Is it even conceivable that politicans are just innocently making "mistakes?

Sherry Voluntary

I think a lot of people share the sentiment of this song. When they hear someone talking about politics they just wish they could flip a switch and shut them up. Often I think people think it’s because it’s an emotionally charged subject and it just tends to make people angry at each other. WhileI do think that uncomfortableness is part of it, what I think really makes the subject of politics so divisive is that everyone understands deep down that when someone is talking about their politics, they are talking about the things they want the force of The State brought to bear on others for. So it shouldn’t surprise us that people get so upset over political opinions. This is good for libertarians though because we can use it as an illustration of why forcing “good ideas” on anyone is a real problem. I guess you take the inroads where you find them.

Nicky P

Oh boy. Korn! I remember when my friends in school used to get in trouble for Korn T-shirts. I remember getting in trouble myself for hanging out with those kids. “Walks Like A Duck” type nonsense. Personally I never saw anything particularly subversive about these guys. If you could make out what Jonathon Davis was saying at all, his syntax certainly wasn’t going to help elucidate things. This song is a perfect example. What the hell is he saying other than politics is bad and he’d rather not participate? Is there a principle behind his position? Is he just Lazy? I guess from a libertarian position we can take anyone pulling out of politics as a net positive.

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Nicky P

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