Fix the Freshman Fifteen! Putting an end to the PHENOMENON.

With generous meal plans and a lack of exercise, first year college students gain an excessive amount of weight in their freshman year.
The large amounts of weight gain can cause massive health problems, such as diabetes.
Unhealthy eating not only creates health problems, but it also puts unneeded stress on every part of the body.
Exercising is one solution that can help fight against the health problems created by freshman fifteen.
Daily exercise also reverses the stress that the freshman fifteen puts on one's body.

Eating healthy may protect against certain cancers. It also reduces the risk of heart disease, obesity, and type two diabetes.

To fix the freshman fifteen, nutritionists should be involved in the creation of meal plans. Physical education classes and nutrition classes also need to be required. This will lead to the occurrences of freshman fifteen greatly decreasing.


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