Boom to Bust Visual Essay Michael Johnson

Role of Government in the 1920's. The Government knows the business is doing fine by itself.
Economy in the 1920's. It is at a peak and is very successful.
Economy in the 1930's. There were not any jobs available.
Leisure time during 1930's. People turned to Jazz to help get their mind off the great Depression.
Leisure time during 1920's. People would go out a lot, especially to see Babe Ruth.
Great Depression Daily Life. There was motivation to get through the whole Great Depression.
1920's Entertainment. People liked going to the movies.
1920's Daily Life. People were very active.
Farmers During Great Depression. Farmers had to sell their possessions.
Farmers in the 1920's. Due to the end of the war, people didn't buy the farmers surplus.
Home life during 1920's. People liked listening to the radio.
Home life during 1930's. People did not have good homes/had to sell homes.

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