The Great depression & New Deal Izzy Puri and Hiba Shkoukani

This public work is located in Nevada. The Hoover dam is placed to control the flow of the Colorado river. It's purpose is to provide water and hydroelectric power for the developing Southwest.
This photo represents the unsustainable living conditions people went through as they lost their house and farms. People were too poor to pay their mortgage.
Located in California this was one of several Farmer Labor homes sponsored by the government during the Depression.
Famous singer, Woody Guthrie was also affected by the Great Depression. Even the most successful and richest people suffered from the Great Depression.
Men are suffering from hunger and are lining up to get food in a soup kitchen.
Farmer John Barnett and his family who faced many obstacles regarding their farm.
The Joad family was inspired by the real life hardships faced by Americans displaced in the Great Depression. This family was photographed by Dorothea Lange in 1935 as they fled the "Dust Bowl" in search of work.

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