Robotics 2 Project 1 by Christopher Hetterich

This is the first project of robotics 2. We created a new robot and in this project, the objective is to travel from point A to point B next to a wire.

The new robot build

My Pseudocode - motors on and move forward for 1100 degrees then turn right at 90 degrees then move forward 500 degrees then turn left 90 degrees then move forward 3500 degrees then turn left 90 degrees then move forward 5000 degrees.

My flowchart
My first program(Bad)

First Video(Bad)

My second program(Bad)

My second program is bad because I didn't get to the endpoint.

My third program

What I Learned

Even though I already know this, I learned to constantly save my progress because I lost my program, since I didn't save it frequently. Also I learned that it is crucial to frequently test the program so you can see what data to change to make your robot run more to your liking.

I also learned that you need to know what you are doing, even if you think you know. It saves a lot of time.


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