5th Grade boys and girls reactions to photos Science project Question : Will boys and girls reactions be the same when looking at identical pictures?

hypothesis regardless of being a boy or girl, will all react differently to the same photos because they all have their own personalities.

Procedure Print out pictures to show fifth graders Pick 5 girls and 5 boys to experiment. Show fifth grade boys and girls pictures of animals ,cars ,guts ,and weird animated pictures.. Ask them how they feel by having them point to an emoji. We will record how they feel by videotaping them on a Chromebook. We will see how different boys are from girls with the answers we get.
If you would like to see the images that we showed our test subjects you can click on the button that says 'Google Slide Image' Then click preview to watch the slide.You can also look at our experiment the one one says 'our science project'

Step 1: Testable Question

Step 2: Research

Step 3: Hypothesis

Step 4: Materials

Step 5: Procedure

Step 6: Data Collection

Step 7: Gathering Evidence from Data

Variables: The kids reacting to the photos

Constant: The pictures we show them

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