What a Night! Our Middle School Production

Tonight we were treated to high drama...with a few slapstick moments and great comic timing. There were individual performances that literally lit up the stage and collective chorus moments that reflected the sheer joy the comes from being part of something that is bigger than any one person! I am sure that everyone watching lost themselves, I certainly found myself chuckling throughout the performance!

Well done to Year 4 for taking on parts and telling a story that saw good triumph over evil. You all threw yourselves into it and all of this was against the backdrop of your work commitments. The fact that you achieved what you did is testament to your own work ethic, coupled with an ethos that promotes the fun and joy in learning.

I have no doubt that Year 3 will have been watching from the wings, knowing that next year this will be you. I even spotted a number of you mouthing the lines as you knew the story inside out! Your singing provided such depth to the evening - well done!

Some capture moments...

Thank you to the Middle School staff for all that you do behind the scenes at the end of our longest term to make this show what it is...Mr Ford, thank you for inspiring the musical joy and Mrs Gascoigne, thank you for the endless rehearsals and the pursuit of excellence...

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