Midterm Portfolio Joey Journeay

This was a series of Smiths inspired bootlegs. I found this project very enjoyable because it helped me find a new style that I really enjoy doing. This was a nice project because it allowed me to use both photoshop and illustrator which I was not used using but helped me improve illustrator skills. With this project I was thrilled on the outcome because I got to recreate a specific style that I have really enjoyed.
Here it is, the project that started it all the great origin of the Charly projects. This was one of the first things I made this semester and I really think it turned out very nicely. Getting selections on this was difficult on photoshop with all of Charly's loose hair strands and the white stripes on his jacket. The changing of fonts I think led to a nice effect that made each text areas appealing to read.

This was the last piece that I made for the semester. This was something that I've been interested in making for quite some time just didn't know how to approach it. All of this was done in Illustrator with the exception of the text. It was really nice to get out of my comfort zone of photoshop and work in something else. This is a piece that I'm very proud of because it looks similar to how Charly actually looks down to the mustache and sideburns.

This was one of my more favorite projects to do because I had been interested in making a postcard style piece plus, a Charly themed piece is always fun. This was a pretty interesting cross piece between Illustrator and photoshop. The text was all done in Illustrator while the rest was produced in Photoshop. Overall I think it turned out to be visually appealing.

For this I had seen this album cover (Original on left) and thought to myself I can do that. I then decided that I will make it with pictures that i had taken on my own time. This was all done in photoshop which I found to make things a lot easier for myself. I was very pleased with the outcome of this project because I was able to add my own twist to something.
This was my attempt at making a minimalism wallpaper. There are some errors that i made with alignment of the shapes but besides that I think this was a nice simple piece that accomplished what I wanted. The effect of making the shapes appear more 3D was from the gradient tool in Illustrator. Using the gradient tool actually helped me come up with some nice effects in other pieces I have made.
This was a project that I had made for the Serra Badminton team that Nhan had approached me to do. This put me out of my comfort zone because it was the first time I did anything for a client. It started with a basic idea that I had in my head of a person playing badminton with the team name around it. After doing that it looked better to wrap it up with the circle to keep things closer. This was the first thing that I did the majority of in Illustrator.
Here is the button that I made for Mr. Demendonca. When I was in his class he would always ask me if I could make anything for him so when Mr. P got the button making machine I thought this was the perfect opportunity. He had told me he wanted something to deal with him being dictator so I decided to use Arial Bold which to me looks pretty dictatorish. It was challenging to make because without the use of a color printer I was limited with the concept I could do. Besides that I think it turned out well and Mr. D was pleased with the results.

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