Visit to the Harn Museum By: Sarah Shan

"Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known."-Oscar Wilde

The Harn Museum of Art is the first art museum I've been to. It's truly inspiring because many of the artwork touched me emotionally without having any context whatsoever. Sometimes you can just examine an artwork and relate to the artist without any explanation and I think that aspect of art makes it so special.

Boulder with Figures in a Landscape

This art piece utilizes a very interesting medium. In ancient China, many of the sculptures used jade as a medium for their work because they perceived jade as something that represents virtue, purity and wealth. It would be difficult to observe the minuscule details of this piece without physically being there because there are many details and it would be disrespectful, in my opinion, to look at art only through a website or a book. It would be even better if I could have held it in my hand, but as the prices for jades are high, I cannot do that. I believe that the coolness also brings a calming and peaceful effect to those who do have the chance to hold it. It's very admirable that the artist can make an inanimate object so lively. I think using jade as a medium really emphasizes the culture from that time. The art was very calming to me, and it made me reminisce the times when I was younger because my grandparents always hunted for the best jade on the market. I really miss those times.

Design of the Museum

I really enjoyed the design of the museum and how spacey and roomy the exhibits are. The lighting also helps cultivate the most attractive looking artwork to the public. The wide space gave me a lot of room to walk around and take it slow with each art piece. Each art piece has an ample amount of room for the public to see. The lighting is bright enough for us to see the artwork, but not too bright to blind our eyes and distract us from the work. I love the use of the wooden floors because it just gives the museum a more sophisticated look. The way the exhibit has the same style of art together is also very helpful in distinction of different types of art. The purple UV lights on the ceiling just gives a hint more of artistic feel to the whole wing in the museum. The whole design was very well done and I think it's one of the prettiest rooms I have ever been it. However, although the design is elegant, the art pieces still stand out because the design is simple enough for the art to pop out in contrast to the white walls.

La Esfera by Fanny Rabel

This art by Fanny Rabel appealed to me because the moment I saw this piece, I immediately rushed towards it when my friend was indifferent to it. This work really affected my emotions, such as regret, constricted, melancholy, and fear. I felt that the person in the painting feels excluded from the world, or they feel that they are trapped in the never-ending cycle of repeated daily activities. As a result, I felt that same stress the person in the art is experiencing. The caged bird represents how that person feels and the use of dark colors in contrast with a warm yellow color brings out the darkness ever more. One of my most important core values is acceptance and I think that each person should be accepted as they are, however, this art gave me a feeling that the artist reflected her feelings of loneliness to the art. This made me realize how important acceptance is; when most people feel lonely, it's not because they are not surrounded by people, it's because no one understands or relates to them. The artist really engaged in the theme of loneliness and sorrow in this painting and those are the emotions I felt when I first gazed at this painting. This helps me better my understanding and cherish of other people's difficulties more because I understand how it feels to have no one to turn to.

Tokyo Street with Pachinko Parlor II by Yvonne Jacquette

This art was very visually pleasing to me because as someone who grew up in a large city, I enjoy the comfort of seeing people roaming the streets on a busy night with city lights everywhere. However, the feeling of sonder happens very often because in an impact city, you always have people walking near you and you start to imagine the different lives and backgrounds that they have, but realizing that you will never truly experience what they have experienced. With big cities like this, you can only imagine how many homeless people there are; walking pass them can take you to a new thought that sometimes people will never thrive amongst others as a result of where they are from. As we begin to enjoy imagining ourselves in others' shoes, I think we can begin to understand the hardships others' go through as well as help them in a way that is beneficial for both parties. I think the fundamental objective for myself is to protect those who are less fortunate than I am. This art conveys the good life that all these people in this busy street have a fundamental goal and they are all working hard to work towards their goal. Many of these people need to contemplate about what makes them happy in the end. The theme of seeking the good life is very prominent in this artwork because these individuals are all seeking happiness and where they belong. This adds to my understanding of the theme because I recognize that I am a part of a whole population and these people, along with me are all looking for that happiness.

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