Infectious disease Tetanus

Don’t be fooled by a small entry wound. With the bacteria in a horse’s bloodstream, the puncture maybe more severe than it takes.

Tetanus is an infectious disease of Horses and can be very life threatening to your horse and yourself.

Tetanus can be caused by a small entry wound from a sharp object. Especially, enclosed wounds, where airless conditions are ideal for these anaerobic bacteria are most dangerous. - Thomas

Bacteria and dirt are driven deep into the wound by the offending sharp object. After the toxin reaches the central nervous system by traveling along nerve trunks, muscle spasms begin.

The spores of C. Tetani are commonly presented in the soil and can contaminate puncture wounds, crushing wounds, open lacerations, surgical incisions, and the umbilici of foal.

In some cases, death is usually by suffocation because the muscles used in breathing become paralyzed.

There are some ways to treat tetanus, some medicines that helps their immunity to tetanus. A new research project to identify the role of tetanus antitoxin has in the prevention of this fatal disease in horses in this country.

Antitoxin are made by special cells and circulate in the blood serum. An antitoxin is created in a laboratory by injected a healthy animal with a particular bacterium.

An other type of medicine to help build a horses immunity to tetanus is Toxoid. Toxoid consist of inactivated toxins used to immunize against tetanus.

These two medicines appear to be very safe and induce a long-lasting immunity.

It will be safer to keep your horse in a sustained area or getting your horse. Check the surroundings in which your horse seems to be often and see if there is nothing that may injure or hurt the horse by any means.

Tetanus is a disease that can be very fatal. The disease is not contagious between horses or between horses and humans. Still, it can be cause by many ways and there are ways to treat it.

So please call for help if you spot any horse that is injured.

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