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From the Principal

As 2019 draws to a close, I would like to pass on my congratulations and encouragement to our Year 12 Class of 2019. They have now completed 13 years of formal schooling and a new chapter in their lives is just beginning. I know that they will have a wealth of memories to look back on from their years in both Primary and Secondary school. Some will be happy and some sad. One thing is certain, that they have experienced many changes in their lives and the rapidly changing world around them. Our aim at Atwell College is to prepare all our students for life beyond school and helped develop their ability to deal with a world of constant and rapid change. As they venture into the world, they will begin to make crucial decisions on their own as young adults. As always, success in life will be determined in part by an ability to set meaningful goals and strive toward them, riding out the ups and downs that will come along. Finally, to the Class of 2019, always respect others and be mindful of the consequences of your actions on others. We all want to live and work in a harmonious community where mutual respect is commonplace.

To all members of our school community, thank you for your support as we continue to strive to provide the best education possible for all of our students. Schools work best when there is a common understanding and collaboration between the school, parents and carers. Our staff is committed to building these important relationships.

One significant observation as the incoming Principal to this school is that our staff are dedicated to providing many positive learning opportunities and engaging activities for students. This has established a rich and varied educational program at Atwell College. Our staff works tirelessly to provide academic, sporting, cultural and community linked programs to cater to all aspects of a child’s development. I wish to thank our staff for the work they do to cater to the diverse needs of our school community.

I wish all members of our school community a very safe and happy holiday. I look forward to leading Atwell College into a bright future moving forward.

Important Upcoming Dates
Education Support Christmas Stall

Looking for a special gift for that someone special this Christmas? Our Ed Support Student Enterprise Programs have been working hard this year, creating products to sell. Students are invited to come by to their Christmas stall at B Block (wet area) during lunch time on Thursday 28th and Friday 29th November. A great opportunity to show your support and pick up a Christmas gift or two.

Vanessa Patrick, Teacher (Education Support)

Year 6 Orientation Day

Our Orientation Day for Year 6 students with an accepted enrolment in 2020 will be on Friday 6 December 2019.

Please meet at the College Performing Arts Centre from 8.30am for an 8.45am start.

Students are to be collected at 2.30pm from the College's rear car park on Brenchley Drive East (behind the tennis courts and adjacent to the school oval).

Glendah Migro, Student Services Coordinator (Years 7 to 9)

2020 Booklist

Atwell College Booklists for 2020 are now available online from our College website https://atwellcollege.cms.io/view/enrolments/booklists-2020.

Home delivery order from Campion will be dispatched for free if orders are placed on or before 13 December 2019.

Kindly take note that there is a separate list with ordering information on the Casio Classpad FX-CP100 (supplied by ABACUS) that is highly recommended/ required for some Mathematics classes.

Voluntary Contributions and Charges 2020

Please be informed that the Voluntary Contributions and Charges Information for 2020 will be available on the College website on Friday 29 November 2019.

Individual costing for each student's subject selection for 2020 will be posted out to parents and caregivers in the week commencing 2 December 2019.

No drop-off or pick-up at staff carpark
Atwell College Student Senate Annual Quiz Night

On 20 September, the Class of 2019 Student Senate, with the assistance of other Atwell College students, presented the 2nd Annual Student Senate Quiz Night.

The night was coordinated with the goal of raising money to present a farewell gift to the College and the school community from the departing Class of 2019. With the hard work of the Senate and generosity of the local community and businesses, almost $1000 was raised!

We would like to thank the following sponsors whose kind generosity contributed to a successful Quiz Night:

  • Cockburn Central Hyundai
  • Subway Gateways
  • Coles Cockburn Gateway
  • Glamour Nail Bar
  • Shine Bright Designs
  • Luxuria Candles – Harvest Lakes
  • Rattigan & Associates
  • Kart World Belmont
  • Atwell Community Pharmacy
  • Wendy Gauci from WA Glass Art
  • The Gate
  • Three Pence Cafe

Steve Francis, Year 12 Coordinator and Class of 2019 Student Senate

Netball Specialist Program

With only 4 weeks left of the 2019 school year, our Netball Specialist students are still busy participating in specialised coaching sessions run by Netball WA and competing in friendly scratch matches against several other Netball schools. All year groups competed in the annual Rockwell Competition and still have a Specialist School’s competition being held in Week 8.

In addition, our Year 9 & 10 students continue to work hard on developing and improving their coaching skills. Our Year 7 & 8 students continue to work on developing their umpiring skills.

The NSP and RLSP End of Year Presentation Night will be held in on Wednesday 11 December 9 (Week 9) at the Cockburn Bowling and Recreation Centre. Further information will be emailed to parents closer to the date.

Claire Gilmour, NSP Coordinator and Coach

NetSetGo Carnival

The Net Set Go Carnival is an annual event that the students in the Year 10 Netball Specialist Program plan and deliver to all students in the Education Support Program.

The Year 10 Netball students run 6 weeks of practice sessions prior to the big carnival, held on Thursday 24 Oct this year, on developing relationships, fundamental motor skills, inclusive practices whilst also promoting positive social interactions. Everyone had a fabulous and fun day.

Ashley Miragliotta, Education Support Program Coordinator (Years 10-13)

Rugby League Specialist Program

Rugby League and Netball Presentation Night

The annual Rugby League and Netball Presentation Night will be held at the Cockburn Bowling and Recreation Centre on Wednesday 11 December. More information will be sent out to families closer to the date.

Years 8, 9 & 10 Grand Finals

Congratulations to our Years 8, Year 9 and Year 10 Rugby League teams for making the NRL WA Grand Finals for their respective year groups. These games will be held at Fremantle Rooster RL Club on Wednesday 20 November and Friday 22 November. We wish them the best of luck.

Years 9 & 10

On Friday 8 November, our Years 9 and Year 10 Rugby League Specialist Program students ran the annual Atwell College Zone League Tag Carnival. The students had spent multiple weeks planning and preparing for this event. Our students took on roles of officials, refereeing, scoring and coaching throughout the day to give back to the local community. Year 6 students from Harmony, Jandakot and Atwell Primary Schools all had a thoroughly enjoyable day and continually improved throughout the day. We received some fabulous feedback from the Primary Schools that participated in the Carnival and how much they enjoyed the day. Congratulations to all involved on a successful carnival.

Year 8 Rugby League Team

On Thursday 7 November, Ex-NRL players Clinton Toopi and Steve Meredith came along to the College to work with our Year 8 Rugby League Team. The students participated in an ‘NRL In League In Harmony’ session that focused on various aspects that make up a team environment both on and off the field. They discussed key areas such as Acknowledgment, Appreciation and Celebration before engaging in some skill activities that placed emphasis on these key areas.

Michael Guthrie, RLSP Coordinator and Coach

Our Students Make Us Proud

Success in Subs In Schools

With the support of the Marine Industries School Pathways Program, Atwell College participated in the Subs in Schools WA State Competition on the 24th and 25th of October. Five teams of Year 10 students represented the College and were awarded the following:

  • Best Graphic Design
  • Best Team Portfolio
  • Best Team Marketing
  • Best Team Trade Display
  • Best Team Verbal Presentation

All students worked very to make it to the competition, demonstrating the knowledge and the skills that they have developed. The students did an excellent job representing the College and received consistent and positive feedback from judges in regards to their behaviour and the good sportsmanship demonstrated.

A short video of the day can be found here.

Two Atwell College teams have now qualified to participate in the National Finals which will be held in Adelaide on 9 – 11 December. Travel plans are underway and we look forward to seeing the results of the competition!

Well done to all students involved. We are proud of all your efforts!

Erin Nicol, STEM Coordination & Teacher (Mathematics and Technologies)

Ellan Barangan & Monique Robinson

Atwell College congratulates our Year 10 students Ellah Barangan and Monique Robinson who have been selected as member of the Infusion Junior Synchronised Ice Skating Team and Jitterbugs Advanced Novice Synchronised Ice Skating Team respectively. Ellah and Monique, together with their teams, will be representing our state WA in the synchronised skating division at the National Figure Skating Championships in Melbourne from 26 November to 3 December 2019.

Both Ellah and Monique's selections are strong testaments to their skills, dedication and positive attitudes. Well done and All the Best girls!

Monique Robinson and our principal Peter Rudrum with her winning trophies from previous competitions.

Zavier Hawira

Our Year 8 RLSP student Zavier Hawira competed in the BMX State Championship over the last weekend of the recent school holidays and finished with a 3WA plate in the 13-14 boys cruiser class race on the first day. Unfortunately, Zavier crashed in the first corner in the final race on Saturday and finished with a broken collarbone and dislocated thumb to take home 7WA in the 13 boys division. Regardless of that, we applaud Zavier for a great race!

Interschool Track & Field

Our College Athletics Team competed for their 3rd year in the SSWA Div B Carnival on Tuesday 22 October 2019.

Congratulations go to the individual efforts of our 65 athletes who attended this event. While we were a smaller team this year, the students were gallant in competing well in their respective events for the day!

Special congratulations and recognition go to these athletes for their championship results:

  • Yr 10 - Champion Boy - Lochlan Bloomer
  • Yr 10 - Runner-up Champion Girl - Amber Lawless
  • Yr 7 - 3rd overall Champion Boy - Daniel Marriott

More congratulations to Amber who also broke two SSWA Interschool records and her Personal Bests in both the Yr 10 discus and shot put events on the day!

New records:

  • Shot Put - 13.50m ( previous record 12.67m in 2012)
  • Discus - 40.37m ( previous record 39.6m in 1989)

Well done to all staff and students on your commitment to this event.

Aboriginal Education Update

Atwell College celebrates NAIDOC Week

Atwell College held our NAIDOC Assembly on Wednesday 13 November. It was wonderful to see many of the students' families and friends attend the assembly and support them as they performed.

Congratulations to our students Nikita Keys (Yr 9) and Aleyna Esgin (Yr 10) for presenting the Atwell College version of the 'Acknowledgement of Country,' developed with input from our College students, staff and School Board and the local community members. Congratulations also to Year 11 student Shanaya Roach for her speech on 'Reconciliation and Harmony through Education' during the assembly.

Atwell College would like to acknowledge and thank the following:

  • Mr. Olman Walley from the Boorloo Aboriginal Cultural Productions for his Acknowledgement to Country and working with our male students on their Didgeridoo performance,
  • Ms. Honey Webb from Kwopidak Kenning Yok on coaching our female students to perform cultural song and dance,
  • Mr. Ron Bradfield, Aboriginal Cultural Development Officer from the City of Cockburn for his relevant keynote address and
  • all guests who attended the assembly and made a difference with their presence.

Congratulations to the following students who rreceived awards at the assembly:

AIME Certificates - Jack Andrews-Pennington, Phoebe Andrew-Pennington, Rose Black, Danielle Blanket, Bailen Cox-McCarthy, Tahlia Dhu, Aleyna Esgin, Resharnee Forrest, Tanaeya Green, Makadie Hamilton, Ciara Hayden, Kalid Hayden, Niki Keys, Khiannee Krakouer, Shontae Krakouer, Chenoa Martin, Tallulah Martin, Shanaya Roach, Kobi Southall, Shyanne Southall, Kaylab Walker, Trinny Walker, Tyrese Warrell, Angus Wedding, Brett Williams, Danielle Williams, Shannelle Williams, Mikaela Yappo

Certificate for Successfully Engaging with the Follow the Dream Program at Atwell College - Phoebe Andrews-Pennington, Rose Black, Tahlia Dhu, Tanaeya Green, Khiannee Krakouer, Zac Mackenzie, Shanaya Roach, Shyanne Southall, Kiana Yasso

Aspirant Follow the Dream Students - Jack Andrews-Pennington, Resharnee Forrest, Niki Key, Kobi Southall, Mikaela Yappo

AIMEE Hoodies (Awarded to students from Year 7 - 10 AIME participants who demonstrated Excellent behaviour and attendance and fully engaged with the AIME Program) - Phoebe Andrews-Pennington, Rose Black, Aleyna Esgin, Resharnee Forrest, Tanaeya Green, Niki Key, Khiannee Krakouer, Kobi Southall, Mikaela Yappo, Danielle Williams

Toni Singleton, AIME Coordinator and Teacher (Visual Arts)

Library Update

What a fantastic year we have had in the Library. From the awesome visit of Morris Gleitzman to the many events and activities that we do every week, students always enjoy the enrichment opportunities we provide. We have also rewarded our excellent readers with our Battle of the Books and Reader of the Month awards.

Library Displays

Check out the beautiful displays we currently have celebrating NAIDOC week, Remembrance Day and The Pilbara Strike students work by HASS Year 8 AEP classes. We are so impressed by the quality of the students' work!

Please return library books ASAP

As we get to the end of the year, it is time for students to make sure all their library books have been returned. Please note that library borrowing will be closed to students on Tuesday 3 December. Overdue book reports have been distributed to homeroom teachers. Please return all library books on loan to avoid replacement charges. You can contact library staff if you have any queries regarding your child’s library loans.Keep hard copy books available in the home environment.Provide a diverse range of reading materials to keep up with their reading interests.

Standards of behaviour in the library

Library staff would like to remind students that the highest standards of behaviour are expected at all times in the library. Staff may ask students to leave if they are disrupting other students’ learning or the harmony of the library space.

Smartrider Cards

Please see the library staff ASAP if student(s) need a replacement Smartrider card for the holidays. There is a $5 replacement fee and cards will take 5 working days to be ready for collection at the College library. We will not be able to order any Smartrider cards after the College closes on 18 December 2019 until we reopen on 28 January 2020.

Summertime Reading

Long summer holiday breaks are the perfect time to catch up with your holiday reading. Students can access our ebook collection platform Wheelers Ebooks, 24/7 over the break and loan up to 3 ebooks. Go to http://atwellcollege.wheelers.co

Your login is your student number on your Smartrider card. The Password is Pass.

Students can also access Success Public Library, which has a wonderful young adult program and collections, over the holidays.

Thank you to our Library Volunteers

A very big thank you to our fantastic library volunteers Barb Bougard, Marlena Jachniewicz and Carolyn Henderson. These ladies have donated hundreds of hours to the College and allow our library to be the wonderful space that it is.

Library staff wish all our students and families a very safe and bookish Christmas break!

Nicole McDonagh and Maree de Haas, Library Officers

ACZE Update

Students from our partner primary schools have joined us in term 4 to work on Harry Plot-ter. Throughout this course, students will be led through a variety of creative writing techniques as they explore the magical world of Harry Potter. Through the use of prompts, students will develop a greater understanding of the contexts surrounding creative writing.

The Sustainable Textiles course is about learning how we can make our textile items to help look after the planet! By using a design process to investigate different materials, students design and produce their very own, handmade sustainable products to take home. Every lesson, students will learn a new valuable skill from hand stitching to using sewing machines.

The History of Superheroes will focus on how superheroes are connected in real moments in history. Starting from the inception of DC Comics and Marvel Comics in the 1930s, this program will look at the origins of our favourite superheroes and super-villains. Students will look at Australia’s superheroes and super-villains - Who are they? What’s their origin story?

This course promises to be an entertaining, educational and engaging program focussing on our favourite heroes and villains.

The Atwell College Zone Extension program is open to all students in years 5 and 6 from our partner primary schools. If you are interested in finding more information about ACZE, please see our website or send an enquiry email to Ingrid.vidot@education.wa.edu.au.

Ingrid Vidot-Emery, ACZE Coordinator and Teacher (Mathematics)

STEM Update

Australian Mathematics Competition

The results are in for this year’s Australian Mathematics Competition!

It is fantastic to see so many students taking part in this problem-solving competition. Students pitted their mathematical knowledge and skills against students from 30 different countries. Congratulations to all those who took part. Special mention to the following students who achieved a credit or above:


  • Nafis Malik – Year 12
  • Joshua Waghorn - Year 12
  • Apurva Kandel – Year 9
  • Ivan Shigalev – Year 8
  • Jake Green– Year 7
  • Jeska Santiago– Year 7


  • Peter Davies – Year 11
  • Zoe Andrews – Year 10
  • Kai Muggeridge – Year 10
  • Neve Pursey – Year 10
  • Monique Robinson – Year 10
  • Caitlyn Edgar – Year 10
  • Nicholas Vagg – Year 8
  • Artin Jafari - Year 8
  • Harlie Fehlberg – Year 7
  • Riki Hira – Year 7
  • Tomaizena Johnston – Year 7
  • Divine Cruz – Year 7
  • Tyson Sargent – Year 7
  • Alain Cannone – Year 7
  • Charlee Osborne – Year 7
  • Fraser Brown – Year 7
  • Lincoln Kemp – Year 7
  • Kye Slawinski – Year 7

Erin Nicol, STEM Coordinator and Teacher (Mathematics)

Education Support Update

Stephen Michael Foundation ran a Footy Clinic Pilot Program for the Education Support students at Atwell College. This program runs weekly for four weeks, ending with an excursion to Fremantle football oval for an interschool carnival.

The team of staff worked on creating a team environment, building positive communication and interactions among the students.

Ashley Miragliotta, Education Support Program Coordinator (Years 10-13)

Learning Area Update - HASS

Y8 NAIDOC Exhibition in the library – Voice Treaty Truth

The Pilbara Strike was Australia’s longest-running industrial action. On 1 May 1946, over 800 Aboriginal stockmen and their families walked off the pastoral stations of the northwest of WA in protest against oppressive conditions and wages. This action was the first of its kind in Australia and paved the way for the Aboriginal Rights Movement.

Students from Y8 AEP HASS studied the Pilbara Strike as part of this year’s Civics Program. Students produced reports that have been on display in the school library throughout NAIDOC week. The work was of outstanding quality. Lower school HASS classes took the opportunity to view the exhibition and learn about the Pilbara Strike throughout the week. Y8 AEP HASS students are to be congratulated on the high level of their work and their contribution to NAIDOC, reconciliation and Aboriginal education.

Benjamin Curtis, Teacher (HASS)

Learning Areas Update - Languages

Chinese Mid Autumn Festival Celebrations

The Mid-Autumn Festival on Friday 13 September is an annual festival celebrated by Chinese around the world, with families gathering for dinner, lighting lanterns and eating mooncakes. The Chinese believe that on this day, which traditionally falls on the 15th day of the eigth month in the lunar calendar, the moon is exceptionally big and round.

At the College, our students taking Chinese Mandarin learnt about the legend behind the festival and were treated to a taste of an assortment of mooncakes. Our Year 9 students also experienced a taste of traditional Chinese hot pot, a popular style of food which many Chinese families enjoy over special occasions, including the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Divine Cruz (Year 7) who won the Mid-Autumn Festival Poster Competition and Tarees Muzammil, Year 8, who was the lucky winner of the Mid-Autumn Festival quiz. They both received their own mooncakes.

Chinese Language Perfect World Series Results

Our students taking Chinese Mandarin also participated in the Education Perfect Languages Championships which ran globally between 27 August to 3 September 2019. Special congratulations to Xin Yue Kang (Year 7) who received the Silver Certificate for achieving more than 2000 points from questions answered correctly.

Our Year 7 Student Xin Yue Kang with her Silver Certificate

Nenya Chen, Teacher (Languages - Chinese)

Learning Areas Update - Science

Atwell Primary School Year 5 Science Immersion

Atwell College was thrilled to host the Year 5 students from Atwell Primary School for a day of Science immersion on Wednesday 20 November 2019. The students explored light and shadows, programmed robots to travel through the solar system, pushed the boundaries of solids liquids and gasses and explored the living world! A fun enriching day enjoyed by all.

Janine Daniel, HOLA and Teacher (Science)

Learning Areas Update - The Arts: Visual Arts

Year 7

Our Year 7 Visual Arts class visited the Kim Beasley Learning Centre today to see the artwork they created as part of the sensory display for the students in the centre. They were given a tour of the centre facilities including the gym, therapy pool, life skills rooms and classrooms. The students really enjoyed themselves at the playground area which supports individual students developing their physical skills and social skills.

Many thanks to Mrs Miragliotta for taking the time to show us around and allowing our students to appreciate.

Bilara and Dilbi (Dry and Green Leaves) – A Collaborative Artwork

Atwell College’s Year 7 Visual Arts mainstream students recently investigated the plants and animals that are culturally significant to the Whajuk Noongar people. They learned about the Noongar language and the cultural importance of some of the plants and animals relating to the six Noongar seasons.

Students then each developed an aluminium repoussé leaf based on their own drawings. Some of these leaves have been stamped with Noongar words and their English translation.

This collection of leaves is on display in the Kim Beasley Learning Centre as part of the sensory artworks in the building. Atwell College aims to ensure that the Whajuk Noongar culture is promoted to all students at Atwell College.

Yongka and Booyi (Kangaroo and Turtle) – A Collaborative Painting

As part of our College AIME (Australian Indigenous Mentoring) Squad Tutor Program, our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students collaboratively designed and painted an artwork of the 'Yongka and Booyi' (Kangaroo and Turtle).

To celebrate NAIDOC Week last week in the College, staff and students were invited to add designs to the background of the painting. The painting was then completed with the addition of the handprints of all staff and students involved in the AIME program.

The painting is currently on display in the E Block foyer before we display it in the College Main Admin building.

Aboriginal Murals in the College

The stairwell outside of E block at the College is currently undergoing a facelift. Our Year 10 Visual Arts students have investigated a range of local Australian native plants, together with our Artist-in-residence, Tom Williamson.

Mr. Williamson investigated animals that are significant to our local Aboriginal culture. Whadjuk Noongar society was traditionally divided into two moieties or groups, namely the Manitj (White Cockatoo) and Wardung (Australian Raven). These two birds, in combination with our students’ drawings, will form the basis for the final mural paintings on both sides of the stairwell.

We will keep you updated on the progress of these artworks that we expect to finish painting by the end of the school year.


In Term 3, Year 9 Visual Arts students investigated the cultural diversity of the Atwell College student population. They also researched symbols reflecting this cultural diversity. Another focus of the program was social issues surrounding graffiti, including vandalism versus street art and the importance of individual and community self-expression.

Using this understanding, Year 9’s worked collaboratively to develop a Graffiti-styled mural. They used a variety of materials including acrylic, spray paint, graffiti mops and paint markers to spread an important message about Respect for all.

The mural was installed in D Block this week and will serve as a reminder to all regarding Atwell College’s positive behaviour attribute: Respect.

Toni Singleton, AIME Coordinator and Teacher (Visual Arts)

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