The Electromagnetic Spectrum Daniel Petra

The Electromagnetic Spectrum is the range of frequencies that electromagnetic radiation can travel at.

The lowest of these frequencies consist of Long Radio and Radio waves. These are also the longest waves in the spectrum due to their comparatively lower frequencies. Radio waves are used to transmit messages and media from towers to receivers.

Microwaves are the second lowest frequency waves and the second highest wavelength. Microwaves are often used for cooking food by using the radiation to agitate water molecules in the food to warm it.

Infrared radiation, also known as heat, is the next type of frequency on the spectrum. Infrared radiation is given off regularly by our bodies to keep ourselves warm and is vital to our survival.

The Visible Light Spectrum is a spectrum inside of the Electromagnetic Spectrum that is composed of all the colors we can see. Its acronym, ROY G BIV, lists the first letter of the main colors in order of lowest frequency to highest. The orders is: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet.

Ultraviolet light, also known as UV, is the third highest frequency set in the Electromagnetic Spectrum. UV radiation can expose unique fluorescence in different materials and tissues. Be careful though, UV also causes sunburns.

X Rays are the second highest frequency set in the Electromagnetic Spectrum. This kind of radiation is commonly used in medical scanning so the doctors can see the organs and skeletal features below the skin without operating.

Gamma radiation is the highest frequency set in the Electromagnetic Spectrum and is the most dangerous form of electromagnetic radiation. Mismanagement of this radiation can result in disasters like Chernobyl.

Frequency and Electromagnetic Radiation

Since light travels at approx. 300 million m/s ...
... and light is electromagnetic radiation, ...

... electromagnetic radiation must travel at the same speed. As the frequency of the radiation increases, the energy increases. This means high frequency radiation like gamma and x-ray are the most energetic of the forms of electromagnetic radiation.

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