Definition: A cooktop with open gas burners over which pots or pans are placed on trivets giving this range the advantage of instant heat control.


  • Since the burning components are exposed, it can provide direct heat to whatever is on top of the range
  • Fuel and flame are also exposed to more oxygen, giving them a better burn
  • It is also generally less expensive to install than a sealed burner


  • The largest disadvantage to using an open burner has to do with the cleaning process
  • If anything boils over or gets spilled onto the burner, it must be taken apart and cleaned
  • If you do not take it apart and clean it, then the drip pan and area around the burner can start to look quite dirty and may even become permanently stained

Tips: Use flat bottom pots to absorb more heat with tight-fitting lids to keep in heat. The contact between cookware and the cook top is important for efficiency. Use equipment that fits the burner - Pots and pans should be one inch larger in diameter than the burner they are resting on. Matching pots and pans to burners will save energy dollars since more of the burner's heat will be absorbed by the cookware.

Buying this equipment:

Buying this machine could help you do more. What you need to look into more is in it's performance and if it's right for you. Now the cost of this is fair, it ranges to $1,000-6,000 It's not as expensive as sealed burners. This machine is perfect with heat control and you could even but it on low and the heat can still work perfectly well. Now with cleaning it is a big disadvantage, if you spill anything onto the product you would have to take off some parts to clean off. It isn't hard to clean but it does take some time.


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