Birds homes Matter

Birds make any place a chance for discovery, they make a garden seem wild, they are a little bit of wilderness coming into a city park, and for a bird watcher every walk is filled with anticipation. Can u imagine a world without birds?Even though we are constantly told that messing with nature's delicate equilibrium would cause catastrophic environmental consequences, nature has showed to be highly resilient to small changes.This scenario, however, suggests a much bigger loss, to which resilience is unlikely to give us an Earth similar to what were are used to.

Birds watching is one of many fun activities to do with birds.

IMPACTS ON BIRDS WITH NATURAL DISASTERS: Any natural disasters can have a severe impact on wild birds, and even events that may not seem entirely disastrous can have grave consequences depending on how, when and where they strike. Disasters most likely to affect birds include: Hurricanes, tornadoes and other strong winds.

Natural disasters have impacts to habitats. ALL THEY DO AND HUMANS TO DO IS DESTROY BUILD DESTROY!!!!!!

Nesting Destruction: Nesting areas can easily be burned, flooded or buried by natural disasters. If the event occurs during the breeding season, chicks, eggs and brooding adults can be killed, or if the event occurs outside the breeding season, the critical nesting habitat may be unsuitable for the next year's reproduction cycle, which can greatly impact future population numbers.

Birds work hard on what they do and live they build their own homes but guess what they get destroyed!!??

Food Destruction: Food sources such as grain, seeds, insects, nectar and small animals can all be destroyed by natural disasters. This leaves birds without adequate food supplies and forces them to expend much more energy foraging or competing with other individuals over what little food remains.

When it comes to the last piece of food left and two people want it of course they are gonna share it NOT!!!! They will risk their own live to fight just for food?

Habitat Damage: Natural disasters can damage or destroy the habitat birds need to survive. Whether it is a bird's nesting area or not, the loss of suitable habitat can impact birds by removing shelter and roosting areas that are critical for year-round birds as well as for migratory species.

It happens to people. People get homeless like birds well not exactly. birds do get homeless because of people!!!

Confused?!?!?! Well what in mean is people all around the world say they will help birds by not destroying trees. You know what people still do it though they just do it like if it is like giving out candy to little kids.. I JUST WANT PEOPLE TO KNOW THAT IF U DONT CUT DOWN TREES IT WILL MAKE A BIG CHANGE



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