Greece My summer study abroad trip

On May 14th, 2016 I embarked on my study abroad trip. I spent one month in Greece, for my summer Greeks, Romans and Barbarians. The premise of the this class was to take an in-depth look at Grecian culture and civilization, from ancient to modern times. The class was being taught by Professor Chris Freeman and we were hosted by the American College of Greece.

Throughout our one month class, we would be traveling in parts of mainland, Greece as well as traveling to a few islands such as Naxos, Paros, Delos, Mykonos and Crete.


After about 13 hours of flying, I landed in Athens, Greece and shortly met up with the ACG Representative and other students in the class. We then traveled to the dorms we would be staying in while we were in Athens. On the first day everyone got settled in and had a fancy dinner. the next day we went out a bike tour of the city of Athens.


While still in mainland Greece, we traveled to Thessaly to visit Meteora. Which is a complex of Eastern Orthodox monasteries built on top of mountains. One of the most extraordinary sites I've ever seen.


After about a week in Athens we began the island hopping part of our trip starting off with Naxos which was my favorite island. Very peaceful and welcoming, our tour guide Demtrios taught our so much about the history of the island and Greek people. We stayed about 3 days in Naxos,


We then traveled to Paros, we weren't in Paros for long, only two days but we did get to enjoy it beaches and meet locals and make good memories.

Delos and Mykonos

While we were still staying in Paros we took a day trip to the small islands of Delos and Mykonos. The two islands are complete opposite of each other.

The whole island of Delos is an archaeological site with absolutely no shade. Yet it is still one of the most mythical and important archaeological sites in Greece, as it known as the birthplace of Artemis and Apollo and referred to as a sanctuary during Ancient Grecian Times and tourists from all over visit every day.

Mykonos is much different island, It is considered the most touristy island of all of Greece, for the facts that it full of high end stores from Gucci to Coach, it is where rich tourist and the like go shopping, also it's known to have a pretty intense Party scene the most interesting part about Mykonos is that the building a painted white every year to keep up with it's "tourists' destination image" Since a lot of people expect Greece to be all White buildings and Blue seas. When the reality is much of Greece looks similar to the cities and towns we have here in the U.S.


Our last island of the trip, (also the biggest) was Crete. Interesting thing about Crete is although Crete is technically apart of Greek, many Cretans(people living in Crete) consider their culture slightly different from regular Greek culture, this is mostly because of Crete was once the centre of the earliest recorded civilization of Europe: The Minoan Civilization. While in Crete not only did we learn about The Minoan period we also tackled the Samaria Gorge, which is one of Greece's national parks located on Crete in Chania. The walk through the park alone is 13km (about 8 miles) and another 3km to reach the shores of the Libyan sea. I'm proud to say I walked all 13km of the park (I opted for the van ride to the beach), although my body hated me the next day.

Back to Athens

After a week Island hopping we returned to Athens for the last leg of our trip, where we visited the Acropolis and got to really experience the nightlife in Greece

All in all my trip to Greece has been the most memorable trips of my life. I look back fondly on all the delicious food i ate, the wonderful and exciting people I got met and the historical and beautiful places I got to see. I hope to one day return the this amazing country

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