Anna Breetz art portfolio

The best part of this piece is the eyebrows because they are symmetrical. I would improve everything about this piece.
The best part of this piece is the tall grey bottle in the right hand corner. The colors blend nicely. I would change the green bottle. It doesn't fit well with the picture.
The best part of this is the green bottles because they look the best and the colors blend well. I would change the color scheme of this.
The best part of this is the trees. The colors blend well and it looks somewhat realistic. I would change the shadows.
The best part about this is the triangle thing in the upper left hand corner. The shadowing is nice and so is the shading. I would change The shading on some other shapes because it doesn't look good.
The best part about this is the color because it's dark and i like it. i would change the shape because it's a little uneven.
The best part about this is the shape and color. It actually looks like a teapot and the color is a light green. The worst part is the lid because of the hole things.
The best part about this is the sky. The colors actually blend like a sunset. The bad part is the green because it doesn't go well with the picture.
  • My favorite piece is the watercolor landscape because it actually looks good and i like the colors.
  • My least favorite is the self portrait because it's horrible.
  • I'm not sure what my strengths are. Some paintings are good some are bad. Some drawings are good and some are bad.
  • My weakness is sketching i find it very hard.
  • If i could go back, i would try and take my time on artwork.
  • I think i deserve a B. All my work is done but it's not too good. And i get off task easily.

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