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As students grow older, the need to choose a road to focus on increases. Roads that branch out to the different specialities open up and students must choose which fits their forte. In the case of students from the GA strand, we believe that they are more flexible when it comes to picking out specialities.

The GA sections are all diverse. People from different walks of life meet together to forge their own path in life.

With the upcoming electives next school year, it is crucial for us to finally decide on what we want to be in the future.

As mentioned, all GA sections are very diverse in their own way. The goal of this magazine is to mainly showcase 11-Chabanel's diversity. The class is made up of various individuals who excel from the Sports, Performing Arts and Communications Clusters.


by Vinnie Vinculado

Many classes in the General Academic Strand boast a surprisingly high amount of student-athletes, and Chabanel is no stranger to them.

Chabanel is comprised of many talented students, some of them on the Loyola United Handball Team. These players are moderated by their coach, Mr. Poch Gutierrez who is coincidentally Chabanel's class moderator. Chabanel is very well-represented in the three Handball teams.

For Team A, we have Anton Benitez, JL Lomibao, Mico Magturo and Miguel Liban. For Team B we have Julio Matti and for the Women's Team we have Rizzie Rapada, Bea Zamora and Cane Basallote.

Vinnie Vinculado is another student-athlete from Chabanel.

He started his career in Ateneo Football Center at an age of 14 and has been improving year after year. Now, he is one of the Defenders of the UAAP Juniors Football Team and will continue to play for the coming years. Aside from Ateneo, Vinnie also plays for Global Youth and Global Mens.

Vinnie hopes that he will make it to the UAAP Mens and continues to strive toward his dream to be a professional football player.

Another student-athlete in Chabanel is Harley Santos.

Harley holds the highest rank in Taekwando here in the Philippines. He started Taekwando at the age of 7 and has continued improving ever since. Harley is part of the Philippine National Taekwondo Team, and has earned both a bronze and a gold medal during the last UAAP Season.

After recieving the highest rank in the Philippines, he now represents the country in various tournaments both locally and internationally. Through his hard work and dedication, he is ranked 24th in the world and continues to hone his craft until he gets to the top.


by Santi Sevilla and Carlos de Guzman

The Senior High already provides us with many strenuous activities however, these students still manage to perform the extraordinary task of juggling their academics with the high demands of their organizations.

Despite being known mostly as a nerdy, socially-awkward kid during his Grade School days, most of his peers were shocked to find Carlos accepted into Dulaang Sibol in his freshman year.

Since then, he has been handling a variety of tasks related to the current production and upcoming productions, both off-stage and on-stage. Carlos works in close proximity to the Business Manager, being tasked to create and distribute the promotional materials across campus, making him a key component of every production. He is also the Co-Chief Lightsman and Electrician of Sibol, a title he shares with Marco Acevedo.

On stage, he is most known for his role as the Lead Conyo in last year's production of Hervacio Tubulan and The Narrator in an original play penned by both Pio Alampay and Karr Alonzo, A Day in the Life of Michael, the latter brought back due to popular demand by none other than Dulaang Sibol's moderator, Mr. Onofre Pagsanghan.

Here are a few of Carlos' posters for the organization.

Hervacio Tubulan (2015)
Si Michael at Hervacio (2016)
Ang Paa ng Kuwago at Sino Ba Kayo? (2017)

Being a student-performer does have it's set backs; showing up to school in the morning feeling sore and enduring 8 hours of schoolwork only to return back for some more. And "student" really does come before "performer" in this case as members are not allowed to perform or even train for that matter if they are failing even one subject.

Santi Sevilla, as a member of IndAK balances training time that can go from 2 hours of regular training to 3 if there's a performance and his studies.

When asked about the struggles of balancing both academics and inDAK, Santi said "It's all worth it for the experience of performing, dancing and bonding with all these amazing people."

Sometimes one would wonder why someone would torture themselves everyday by going through rigorous physical tasks after a full day of lectures and quizzes etc. and then go read some more of basically the same things said in the lecture.


Why go home at 8 instead of 4 like the rest of your classmates?

Why subject yourself to that much physical pain in the morning?



by Aljo Lachica

Nicole Masagca has been known to be one of the most proficient persons in the class of 11-Chabanel.

This is highly understandable due to her impressive debate background. She has competed in numerous competitions representing the school and even outside of competitions she often uses her debating skills in her everyday life. From exchanging friendly opinions with teachers to silencing any other student who would choose to test her.

In an interview conducted with Nicole, she narrated to us how she fell in love with debate and we quote "I was always a very talkative kid. I was the one with her hand always shooting up during recitation in class, always one that wanted to contribute to the discussion, never letting any opportunity pass for my voice not to be heard. I first started acting and participating in plays in many of my grade school days. But along side my semi acting career was my passion for journalism, having to take the post of associate editor for our school paper for about half of my elementary days as well.

Having entered High School, I wanted a change of scenery. I wanted a place where I could begin again and start a new path in my life.

Debate welcomed me with open arms.

It was a place where I was free to make my own script and I did more than just write opinion articles and reports on school achievements. It was through debate that I was able to get a better insight into what the world looks like.

It ignited this passion for knowledge seeking, the craving to properly engage in discourse surrounding topics that are most relevant in society.

I've loved debate not only for the merits of the sport, the medals or the certificates, but I've loved it for the very fact that it always gets me up in the morning, always keeps my mind energized and satiates the ever so talkative kid within me."

Difference is not always a bad thing.

In lots of cases, the differences of people actually help complement each other.

This is what the class of 11-Chabanel truly excels in.


- de Guzman, Sevilla, Vinculado, Lachica and Tan -

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