Outcasts United Chapter 21: Playing on Grass

In the previous chapters of the book, we saw that Tito was involved in a shooting. Luma felt the need to have a conversation with her upper-level soccer teams.

Luma has a heart-to-heart conversation to her teams about gangs and how they should avoid them.

"What makes a gang different from the Fugees? They fight. They shoot each other." (St. John, 195)

She felt that this conversation was needed only to announce that they, from now on, would be practicing at Armistead Field in Milgram Park.

Luma’s lecture to the boys warned them about the responsibility they will have for good behavior while walking to and also while on the field and then continues to offer a vivid description of the seemingly qualities of the new field.

But Luma then realizes, that the moment they start practicing on the new field, she would not be able to use the classrooms at Indian Creek Elementary for her tutoring and homework sessions before practice.

So Luma them decides to offer the tutoring sessions at the picnic area at Milam Park, and the Clarkston Public Library.

"And if you keep getting beat up on the same road, take a different road." (St. John 197)

An old man, a Clarkston old-timer, walks up to complain about their use of the field and comments on the changes in Clarkston. He asked if Luma had a permit. Luma politely ignored the man and told her players to continue practicing.

"We're not in Africa anymore." (St. John 199)

Indian Creek Elementary: the location in which Luma held her soccer practices before practicing at Armistead Field. She also offered her homework and tutoring sessions in the classroom they offered for her.

Milam Park: Luma held her soccer practices here at Milam Park at their Armistread Field.

Armistead Field (behind): Armistead Field is the field in which the Fugees occupied for their soccer practices.

Discussion Questions
  • What are your thoughts on the old man invading Luma's practice? Do you he should've left them alone? Why or why not?
  • What words did Warren St. John use to describe Armistead Park?
"A thick blanket, of soft green grass covered the playing surface and itched their backs when they splayed out for sit-ups and stretches." (St. John 198)


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