Unique By: Jace morgan

He was an adventurous person,

says the guns on the floor; a hunter too

says the hunting license on the bed.

He was a good sport and played fair,

says the sportsmanship award leaning against the wall.

He was a sporty person,

says the baseball ring on the bed.

He was kind and caring,

say the pet dog chasing her tail around the house,

and the stuffed dog propped up

along the bedroom wall.

He loved soaking in stories late into the night,

say the books on the bookshelf.

He liked nice cars,

say the Lamborghini and Corvette at the base of the wall

and on the wall.

The bat leaning against the wall

and the nike shoes set so neatly on the floor

say he was athletic.

He was unique,

says the wooden King Cobra with a feather stuck

in it's mouth set on the floor, watching, waiting...

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