cattle wrangling and you: a beginners guide to computational logic By xX_CattleWrangler420_Xx

Logic Gates

AND Gates

AND gates take two inputs, if both inputs are 1 then it returns a 1. Otherwise it returns a 0.

OR Gates

OR gates take two inputs, if at least one is 1 then it returns a 1. Otherwise, it returns a 0.

NOT Gates

NOT gates take one input and return the opposite of said input.

Cattle Wrangling Highlights 2016

The 2016 "Anti-Wrangling" Legislation

"Cow wrangling is the greatest of treason since Guy Fawkes and his band of hoodlums" - Drè Rose

Cattle wrangling was made illegal in 2016, this is tribute to the brave soldiers who kept wrangling no matter what.

Truth Table

Logic Diagram

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