The Ocean by Sean McSherry

Humans should not drink seawater because there a lot of salt in the water. If a person drinks seawater they would have to urinate the excess salt out of their body. Then they would urinate more water than they drank. Later on, that person would die of dehydration even though they are getting thirstier.

The ocean is very important to life on earth. The ocean covers nearly three quarters of the earth. It produces more than half of the oxygen in our atmosphere. The ocean contains almost all of the water necessary for every plans on earth. Human waste pours into the ocean instead of collecting on land. Also, a lot of our food comes from fish and plants in the ocean.

Ocean current depends on many things. The ocean current depends on the temperature of the air, gravity, tides,the density of the water, and carbon dioxide levels. All of those create the current of the ocean. There are also different currents all over the world because those the temperature or density is different in other places.

The different layers and zones of the ocean.

The farther down you go in the ocean, the temperature and pressure changes. The pressure gets much greater and more powerful. Humans can no survive too far down. Also, it gets much colder on the way down.

Humans use the ocean for many reasons. To discover new fish or to power plants many years ago. Also, many people use the ocean for entertainment like swimming or boating. Scientists also use the ocean for research. There are many fun and important uses for the ocean.


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