Dead End By Carson Lee Diega Offical Music video

Opening Scene

Begins with Carson Lee getting ready to go out with friends. Her girlfriends come over to her house to to prep themselves up before leaving out. Carson vents about her relationship with DJ to her friends. Ambryel seems to have a little attitude about the whole situation. Carson no longer wants to go because she gets a text from DJ (boyfriend) stating that he is coming over. Ambryel intervenes that text, reads it in disgust and hands Carson the phone. Carson brushes the ladies off. They leave the house and in passing see DJ in the hall. Ambryel says to DJ "You sure got a lot of explaining to do" and waves her phone. He shakes his head walked toward apartment.

Scene 2

DJ arrives at the apartment with groceries Carson greets him at the door. She walks him over to the couch, straddles him, expresses her love for him and suddenly his phones starts beeping. She try's to get his attention however he is texting away. She gets up in a rage and there begins an argument. The argument then goes into the kitchen while Carson is putting the groceries away. Eventually DJ has had enough fussing and heads for the front door.

Beats Drops

Scene 3

Carson goes bathroom and starts crying as she reminisce about the past when her and DJ first got together. This particular part of the scene will show the memories of good loving times in their relationship. DJ and Carson are in the bed, playing in the bathroom, pillow fighting, hugs as he leaves, etc.

Scene 4

Takes place at a few selected locations in Atlanta. Some scenes consist of argumentative movements and gesters.Carson finds out DJ has been seeing Ambryel (Carsons Friend) the whole time. Khalilah and Neem comforting Carson about the whole thing. Scene ends with Carson eventually walks away from DJ vice versa He looks back and she doesn't

The End


Carson Lee Diega
CEO Of FINAO Fitness Denzell Jones-Love Interest
Model Ambryel -Friend/Foe
Model-Khalilah- Best Friend
Model-NEEM-Best Friend


Isaiah Jones

Call Time/Locations

December 17th at 2pm (@ Private Location) Downtown locations after apartment scenes

Scripts has been sent out to all emails


Bring 3 outfits, shopping bags (brown paper bags), canned goods (food items), bottle of alcohol, umbrellas (forecast predicts rain)

Remember to dress warm, for the weather, wear comfortable shoes (some shots will be knees up


Casting Director-CarsonLee

Videographer-Isaiah Jones


Executive Producer-CarsonLee

Script Writer- Khalilah Saunders, Carson Lee

Waredrobe-Shanae Wiggins

MUA-Martine Dulcer

Actress/Model-Shanae Ambryel-Friend #1/Foe

Actress/Model-Neem-Friend #2

Actress/Model -Khalilah-Friend #3

Actor/Model-Denzell Jones-BoyFriend (Main character)

Created By
CarsonLee Diega

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