Kurt Angle By Ryan FrewerD

Kurt Angle is the world's best heavyweight wrestler. He had many successes through his life like Olympic wrestling. He was born on December 9, 1968 at Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania. He went through many struggles through life like going through drugs. He then broke that addiction after a year. Right before the olympics he broke his neck but wrestled through it to win gold. After his Olympic carrier he signed a contract to the WWE. Overall Kurt Angle went through many struggles and he still fought through them.

And here is his gold medal match in the Olympics.

Kurt angle was no everyday kid. He went through many childhood struggles and successes. A struggle that must have really bothered him was that his sister died in a car crash. Even worse his dad died in the night working in a construction sight. Even though he went through childhood struggles he still went to high school and college. During high school he had to pursue to which sport he would rather play football or wrestling. After college he had graduated in 1996 with a degree of education and a gold from the olympics. Right after college he tried out for the Pittsburgh Steelers but he couldn't make it because he didn't play football in high school or college. That goes to prove that Kurt Angle is not just any ordinary person.

College wrestling picture

Kurt Angle's personality is different from most people. Everything from Kurt Angle is different than any other person. Some of his personality trait can be from just plain smart to just adaptable to different people and places. He has to be adaptable to different places because when you are in the Olympics you travel all over the world like Atlanta, Georgia to Barcelona, Spain. He also has to adapt to the people across the world so he knows how their culture works together as a community. Kurt Angle had to be smart because you need some good grades to make it to college and then to the Olympics for wrestling. Those are a couple of his personality traits that make him the way he is.

Like I said he also wrest in the WWE

He put a guy in a submission move
This is him after he won the Olympics

He won 542 matches in His college and high school career

He tied only 53

He also lost 388 times in his career

Work cited

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