Goals By: jose bautista

This is the famous Allianz Arena, located in Germany, it is home to the famous soccer club Bayern Munich.

It is one of my goals to see my favorite soccer club in action, and they aren't just any soccer club they are widely known as one of the best clubs in the world.

Also it is European soccer no other continent has as much thrilling action as Europe soccer does.

I love soccer and one of my favorite players to watch is Cristiano Ronaldo, who has a famous museum in his home country Portugal.

This is a goal because it will be a trip to Portugal, a very beautiful country, which will also include getting to see great achievements in a museum that was made for one of the greatest players ever to play soccer.

Madison Square Garden is not just a stage for many artists to perform it is also home of the New York knicks basketball team, one of my favorite basketball teams.

New York is basically the Mecca for basketball, they have a rich tradition for going absolutely crazy for their basketball team and I would love to experience that tradition.

Also my favorite basketball player plays for the knicks and I have always wanted to see him in person.

This stadium is in France, home to the famous french team Olympique Lyonnais. Also one of my favorite soccer clubs, they are a very great team.

It is my dream to play professional soccer and I would love to play for that club as a defender, I work hard because I want to make this dream come true. I have even learned French in case this opportunity is given to me.

In 5 years I will be 21, and in 5 years I hope to see myself in an Olympique Lyonnais uniform.


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