Tyreiana Washington-Statesboro-11/18/2020

Hey, my name is Tyreiana Washington. I just started here at Statesboro High two weeks ago. I did virtual school for Woodville Tompkins High in Savannah, GA. Anyway, things so far here are great, everyone here is nice, but making friends is kind of hard. I have only two. I was nervous when I came here at first, but lots of people welcomed me like I belonged here so I was very excited to see what was going to come next.

Enough of that, but Statesboro is nice here even though it's pretty small. Any of this isn't new to me. I went to school here in sixth grade, and most of my elementary years. But this is my opinion about this school, I feel as if this is a big school that has really cool teachers and nice students. Making friends is kind of easy, you have freedom here because it's high school. I have three more years left, so I'm gonna live it up and have as much fun as I can before I graduate .

Janariah Smith-Statesboro-11/18/2020

Math. Math has too many formulas, because in the real world, so far I've heard every educated adult say something like, “we don't need all of that because we really dont use any of them in the real world”. So why waste so much time teaching a lesson we won't really need in our future?

Also, like long division I really have no need for it. You really don't need paper. You can use a calculator to get the answer, and it will be easier and faster. And then we don't need math, because all the time you take out of that is really useless because we won't really need any of that in the future. And finally, also in my opinion, I think we really don't need geometric proofs, because I can’t seem to find a use for those. So, why should we learn a whole lesson of it in school if we don't really need it once we are older?

Kiana Brown-Statesboro-11-5-2020

Did you go to the haunted forest this year?

Halloween is here and every year families and teenagers look forward to the haunted forest located here in Statesboro. Unfortunately there are many opinions on how the haunted forest was not as interesting as the year before.

Of course some of the routines have been changed around at the Clubhouse due to coronavirus. It was understandable that certain restrictions had to be placed, and I personally attended on the last night of the event being held. There should have been an entrance price rearrangement knowing that it would have such restrictions.

Akyira said, “ It was still a pretty interesting night just to go out and enjoy my friends during the weekend, funnel cake would have been nice though”. The line to get in the haunted forest was long, and wasn’t much social distancing. There were also many great Halloween costumes and makeup there. Overall, we’ll hope to see you next year at the haunted forest.

Jackson Beaulieu-Statesboro-11-5-2020

Ease Up

The easiest thing to do in life is live up to others expectations. You don’t truly live your own life when you spend it trying to fulfill others expectations of you or try to succumb to the social ideals set for you. So many people grow up being told what to do all the time that they never learn to simply think for themselves. Most people in college are there because it's become a social norm to get a college degree after high school, and if you don’t it's looked down upon. Many of these people have finished college and left with a lot of debt and a degree that they’ll never use. Don’t get me wrong college is great if it is necessary to help one get the career they desire. But many people leave high school and then college with absolutely no idea what they want to do in life. Enough talking about school, what I'm trying to get across to whoever may read this is that you have to think for yourself. Thinking for yourself and then being who you want to be can be really difficult. People may think badly of you but in the long run what other people negatively say, think, and do concerning you doesn’t matter. If you listen to them simply prove them wrong or let them drive you on. But don’t ever let them take you down because living to fulfill others expectations isn’t really living.

Statesboro-Jackson Beauliue-9/10

The corona-virus pandemic that began in March is still in affect today, and it has brought the current state of the world to constant fear and ceaseless change. Most of the fear and change is driven by the media. In a day in age in which everyone not only has access to the internet but also to the news, any opinion can be shared and seen by others. Since most households watch the news whether it be CNN or Fox News everyone has a different opinion on how the pandemic should be faced.

In April of 2009 the CDC estimated there to be over 60.8 million cases of the swine flu and over 12,000 deaths in the United States. Currently there are only 6.38 million cases of the corona-virus and 191,000 deaths. In April of 2009 a national lock-down was never issued even though there were far more cases of the swine flu then than there is of corona-virus now. With the increase of access to media, people are far more informed than they used to be. This in and of itself is not a bad thing but when the media sources use fear mongering and misinformation for their own reasons then it becomes bad.

Statesboro 9-14-2020 Alexis Bell

In case you didn’t know I'm new at this school. That could be good or bad. It could be good because you get to meet new people . It could be bad because you don’t know the teachers and the school .

The hardest part for me is that I didn’t know where to go.I seem to wander aimlessly back and forth in the hallways . I had to learn the rules.

When you leave the school.

When class starts or when it ends .

When to go to the bathroom or not .

When to go anywhere or not to go .

I have been to many different schools. I'm kind to new people and new schools because I literally went to 3 different elementary schools, also 3 different middle schools for each grade .

It was hard for me because I'm a shy person.I have a hard time getting friends unless people talk to me. That's why I don't have a lot of friends or people I talk to . I’m very antisocial so it kind of hard for me to get with people . It was something to get used to when being new many times going to different schools .


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