Sodium Molly Cook 5th block


Element name is Sodium

The element symbol for Sodium is Na.

The atomic number is the number is 11 and it appears at the top of the picture above.

The atomic mass is 22.9898 or it can be rounded to 23

Sodium is a solid!

Sodium is also classified as a metal.

In 1807, Humphry Davy was the guy that discoverd not only sodium but also other elements as well.

Sodium is used in ways like table salt, to print photographs like the liquid, developing solutions, fertilizers, glass manufacturing and many more things.

Chemical properties of sodium!

• Combines with oxygen at room temperature.

• Reacts violently with water.

• Burns with brilliant golden yellow flame.

• Reacts with acid to provide hydrogen gas

Physical Properties

• Silver/White.

• Capeable of being shapes or bent.

• Has a shine or glow.

• Soft enlighten to cut with a knife.

Unusual facts

• It is the sixth most abundant metal in the Earth's Crust.

• Sodium is a vital element for living organisms

• Sodium compounds are used in nearly in every for of industry.

• Typical fire extinguishers are ineffective on sodium fires and can actually increase the emergency.

• It has been used as a form of medical treatments, and trade projects for thousands of years.


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