The talented Mr Ripley A book Trailer

Students will create a three-minute stop-motion book trailer to promote among his schoolmates the novel THE TALENTED MR RIPLEY by Patricia Highsmith.

Student groups (2 per group) will create the storyboard for their trailer with the objetive to promote among their schoolmates the novel by Patricia Highsmith.

The project must include information about the author (mentioning other of her works), a preview of the story that will capture a potential reader and a personal recommendation. The presentation must include 5 quotes from the book on the screen.

They’ll make their trailer using online sound, image and editing resources. Pictures from the film by Anthony Minghella can't be used.

The three-minute video must be uploaded in YOUTUBE before March the first.

Adapted from Education, Apple. “Stop Motion Studio Lesson Ideas.” v1.0. Apple Inc. - Education, 2014. iBooks.

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