Native Americans How Europeans Affected The Lives Of Native Americans

Europeans affected the lives of Native Americans by taking their land and resources and the European started massacres and they also tried to change the Native Americans religion.

For many Native Americans they were forced to join the Britain or they had to join the French to fight against one other. For example, in 1759, the Iroquois decided to join the Britain to fight against the French and their Native allies.

This is what the Seven Years War looked like. This shows that many people were killed in the war. this is not a actual picture it is a painting.

In 1769, all but the simplest indigenous cultures in North America had developed coherent religious systems that included cosmologies creation myths, transmitted orally from one generation to the next.

This is a mission that the Europeans made in the Native Americans land.

In 1835,east of the Mississippi river the President told the Cherokee tribe that he has troops surrounding them. He told them that so they would not escape and he was not kidding he actually did have troops surrounding them. His troops take the land that the Native Americans have left or abandon the place.

The trail of tears was very sad because the Cherokee tribe got kicked off their land and their land and then have to leave to another land.

In conclusion, there was many ways that the Europeans affected the lives of Native Americans. The Europeans changed the lives of the Native Americans because they took their land and resources,the Europeans started massacre and also tried to change the Native Americans religion.


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