Acting for Carrer My carrer project

An actors life is mostly revolved around stage, movies, ilm or TV. The thing is it's not easy for a lot of actors to get there fast.

You could start being an actor right now if you wanted to. It is still good to get an education such as in some acting collage, but really you don't need any real education to be an actor. Because of these there is no need for a license. It would help though to have a bachelors degree.

Bachelors Degree

What are the qualities of a good actors?

You can't just go in thinking you've got what it takes to be a good actor. Some of the main qualities that you usually need to be good.

  • Cooperative
  • Effort
  • Dependability
  • Persistance

Some of the main qualities to be good.

What are the skills you need?

After you've got the qualities down then you need the skills. Examples of some skills needed are:

  • Problem solving
  • Listening to others and not inturpting
  • Talking to others

These are some of the skills needed to be a good actor.

What will I do!!!?

My smart goal to be and actor for a career is "I will go to acting classes every Monday for 6 months.

Some other small smart goals that will help me are

  • I will visit Boston Casting for acting classes.
  • I will volunteer for stage to learn more about how set works.
  • I will go ask my agent for some tips next month.
  • I will volunteer or stage at Boston Casting.
  • I will read my acting book with tips and lines for practice every night.


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