From Good to Great Built to Last Chapter 9 - good to great by jim collis

Chapter 9

  • Concept of Built to Last considered as a Good to Great sequel
  • Built to Last concept: Sustain great results when building an enduring, legendary great company.
  • Application of Good to Great can usher sustained great results
  • Leadership can contribute to an enduring great company with Built to Last concept.
  • Blood and water comparison to profits and cash flow concept (absolutely essential but not the very point of the life)

4 Key Concepts

  • Clock building, Not Time Telling
  • Genius of AND
  • Core Ideology
  • Preserve the Core/Stimulate Progress

Clock Building, Not Time Telling

  • Designing a future in which future leaders can endure and adapt through several product life cycles
  • Parallelism with the Level 5 leaders' choice to build an organization that can survive without their contribution

The Genius of AND

  • Describes the act of embracing 2 poles on a multitude of dimensions simultaneously
  • Characterized by A and B, rather tan A or B
  • Level 5 leadership reflects the combination of personal humility AND professional will

Core Ideology

  • Describes the purpose and core values that embed an organization's reason for existing beyond generating a profit
  • Instill core values and core purpose as principles to guide decisions and inspire people throughout the organization over a long period of time
  • E.g. Leaders hiring individuals based on their alignment with the core values versus their specific skills and knowledge

Preserve the Core

  • Describes how the central ideology of an organization stays steady when stimulating change, improvement, innovation and renewal in everything else

Stimulate Progress

  • Help set and achieve 'Big Hairy Audacious Goals' consistent with the core ideology

Difference between good BHAG and bad BHAG

  • Bad BHAG: built upon bravado
  • Good BHAG: built with a deep understanding of an organization


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