Marking This Moment: A Millennial Manifesto #GlobalShapers10

Ten years ago, at the first-ever Annual Curators Meeting, the Global Shapers Community Charter was ratified by every hub leader around the world – outlining our community's mission and how we do our work. Now its time to ratify another courageous community guideline, A Millennial Manifesto, to mark our 10 Year Anniversary.

Building on a decade of experience and learning, we want to capture our vision for the future and the steps that our generation and the next generation must take to leave behind a world better than the one we inherited. This is our commitment to creating a positive change:

A Millennial Manifesto

1. We will create space for intergenerational dialogue.

We will listen and learn from one another – past, present and future. We will respect the global context and that all parts of the world co-exist. We will share learnings to avoid replication. We will test, iterate and improve our approach to become better leaders and ancestors.

2. We will ask big questions to advance bold solutions.

We will take time to learn why structures are the way they are and to know our communities’ histories, before we take action. We will recognize that co-creation begins with consultation to understand systems. We will make decision-making information accessible to be truly inclusive.

3. We will pursue systems change and collective action.

We will build bridges within and across communities to strengthen the structures that work and dismantle those that don’t. We will set ambitious goals and move from talk to action. We will focus on local changes that can lead to global transformations and celebrate our progress.

4. We will make space for diverse lived experiences.

We will build authentic relationships with communities most impacted by inequities and injustices. We will acknowledge why we care about issues and who we are in relationship to them. We will join forces, share power and make decisions in open and transparent ways.

5. We will embrace uncomfortable conversations.

We will surrender our privilege and give everyone a seat at the table. We will engage to listen, understand and co-create solutions. We will create brave spaces for ideas to be heard, questioned and challenged. We will recognize the complex intersectionality of social change.

6. We will care for ourselves, others and our ecosystem.

We will be kind and considerate. We will practice self- and community-care. We will safeguard mental health and well-being. We will find balance between patience and impatience. We will be authentic, vulnerable and radically inclusive. We will protect our planet and common future.


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