Maddie's art journey

My name is Maddie Elders, I'm a sophomore at Zeeland west, and it's my first year in the Zeeland schools. This is my first year that I have taken an art class in high school, and I have really enjoyed it! I hope to continue art class in the next couple of years. I would really like to go to college, and become a nurse, I really enjoy helping people! It would be a dream to work in the NICU center. I have really enjoyed getting to know everyone in this class, and getting to know myself a little better through art.

Elements of art
I used the negative space in the background, to make the picture itself stand out more.
I used positive and negative space, as well s value to make this picture of my hand stand out more, to make it a little more realistic.
I used value, and texture to create this side profile of myself .
I used a simple marker, and used value to create my shoes.
I really tried to focus on the real picture, using blending techniques, texture and value I tried to draw this mug with paint brushes in it.
The two main things I used to create this are value and texture, using a black and white picture of an elephant, I could see the values in the picture.
Using vanishing points, horizontal lines and space , and 2 point perspective to create my two point perspective.
In my before and after self portrait, I used the placement of each shape to make it as realistic as posible, as well as blending, space, texture, and light and heavy pressure.
In my oil pastel I used texture, color, value, and shapes to creat this oil pastel drawing.

In conclusion, this class has really thought me a lot about patience, art takes time and dedication. I have looked forward to this class everyday this semester. I have proven to myself that I can do anything I set my mind to.

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