Abused By Food Rewiring our mentality

When we first walked around this earth, there was no pop tarts, Doritos, candy bars, Frosted Flakes, and a whole mess of other endless choices of sugar/ sodium chemical "spiced" processed foods. Now in the present day of our lives we are succumbed to rely on these processed items to live, we as a human race by default have begun to see a rise in body fat. Along with a majority of people suffering from diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and a sleuth of other issues. Food is now more poison then a medicine.

Did your first Burger meal come with a Toy?

Almost makes you wonder..How did all of humanity thrive, for the last few thousand years? Before Kraft foods came along in 1923, to be given the task of supplying the majority of mankind nourishment. The fact of the matter is, most of us know these foods are less than beneficial, although every year it becomes more imbedded into the way of life as it comes to nutrition. Convience, is the main driving force in terms of why we rely so heavily on these products to survive, as major Food Corporations will sit in front of Nutritionist, Critics, and Lobbyist. Using the justifiable defense, that the only way we can keep a over populated world from starving to death, due to lack of farmland. Is to rely on the products mass produced not on nutrient rich soil, but from factories. Painting a picture of fear, which is a hard debate to counter. All the while farmers are paid to not plant food (to drive pricing), and Monsanto seeds are used more and more, to keep the rules of the game unbalanced. All the while Mega Markets get these products for pennies on the dollar, Market them as daily BOGO deals, drawing in consumers to fill there carts with these "deals". While also grabbing an organic coconut lotion from aisle 4, finishing up in the electronic section buying a new smartphone assessary with all the savings from our food purchases before checking out, with their week of nourishments. Repeating this circle of life over and over. Then the question is always asked: "Why can I never seem to get control of my weight?"

85% of the food sold in markets today, did not exist 100 years ago

It is time to change the way we view our relationship with food, as we have used food for pretty much all emotions: When we are celebrating, social events to gather around, moments of mourning, fear of not being able to eat, pure enjoyment, reuniting with others, a coping mechanism from many aspects of abuse,counteraction of depression, forms of entertainment, meeting someone new, and sheer boredom. I can say I have used the tool of food for every reason I just wrote. I have a question to ask: Can you remember your first memory of when food was a moment of happy euphoria? Some will say a candy bar at the store, or grandpa taking you for icecream, that road trip where you where taken to the Golden Arches for the first time, getting a lil box and a toy. I though about where I began to be embedded into having a relationship with food, was around the age of one, as I got gifts and a moment of honor, just for me on my special day. Along with my name on a Cake. As a result of the relationship I had with relying on food for everything but what it was meant to be. I fell into what I thought was an impossible turnaround..

At 32 years of age

I realized that much like anything addictive, food was mine. Every day I must realize that I’m addicted to food. I can’t just have one piece of something. I must eat the entire thing. So in order to counter this action. I based my entire eating habit(not diet) to whole unprocessed foods.

At 38 years of age

The journey is long, relentless, and it will never be complete. I have adapted to a rule that I will implement until my last breath. Plain and Simple. Whole calorie dense foods. If it can’t sit out for more than 24 hours without rotting or fruit and vegetables that are cut up and left out.. You weren’t meant to make it a staple of your every day lifestyle. Making this minor rule will bring you major change to your body. Also when you begin to start looking in a different view as it was meant to be., which isn’t an entertainment. As Fuel

Whole Food

For a personalized eating habit program. That is easy to follow and along with different coaching programs

Don’t hesitate contacting me at any time with your goals and let me give you a support system that will teach you to “fish.”


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Thomas Mandzik

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