Hestia By: Travis s.

Hestia a goddess was once removed from olympus to make room for a new demigod. she was always very kind to everyone also calm and caring to her home. She is one of the gods that is against fighting anyone or anything. She also loved poseidon and one other god too. And surprisingly she never had kids which is weird for a goddess of hearth and home.

Hestia: Hestia is the goddess of hearth and home. she is surrounded by fire witch is cool but not so close to get close too. She is often skipped over by readers of greek mythology and from the readers from past generations. She is not really a fighter but can defend herself quite easily. And that's all about Hestia well not all but all the interesting things i found about her.

Created By
Travis Strain


Created with images by PatLoika - "Fight!" • charlieishere@btinternet.com - "A Flaming Whip"

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