Heat Energy

The day I learned about heat energy was one of the best memory's I had before I had to leave my school. Me and my class where learning about heat energy. My teacher had experiments set up for us.
The first Station was how heat can travel though conduction. Conduction is when heat travels though solid objects. My teacher put a pan on top of a hot plate and we saw how the heat transferred to the pan though conduction. It was really fun and cool to see.
The the second station was how heat can travel convection. Convection is when heat travels though liquids. My teacher put a beaker of water on the hot plate and put a spoon in the beaker. We checked the temperature on the bottom part of the spoon that was in the water. It was hotter that it was before. it was incredible.
That was one of the best experiments I did before i left the school. I miss doing things like that with my class...


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