Design of the Museum: The part of the museum that I find to be most captivating is the Middle Eastern area. This part of the museum showed pictures of soldiers training for the war and impliedly showed the way the war is "viewed" by the people living through them.

Art and Core Values: Also in the Middle Eastern part of the museum an ancient design was drawn. This picture is brilliant, as it indirectly shows the cultural beliefs of the people living through the war. The image also displayed isolation, as if the drawer was trying too hint that good wins everywhere

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist: A soldier appeared to be sleeping in an image that hung on the wall. In an unexplainable way the way that he was made to look instantly set off a negative vibe. This was brilliantly concocted by the author, as he was trying to show in picture the strenuous work load our solders have to deal with daily.

Art and the Good Life: A picture that I found to be quite touching was a picture of a man working in war-torn Afghanistan. This picture showed that the Good Life can be achieved even if things out of their control are bad. The job that he was doing was his passion, and the possible gunshots in the background wont prevent the Good Life from being achieved if it already had beforehand.

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