5 Journeys for Religion Digging Deeper Into HINDUISM, BUDDHISM, Judaism, Christianity, & Islam

Day One: I spent the day in Chennai, India. It was gorgeous, it was just like America as well, roads and cars, trains, bikes, people walking and riding around bikes. Almost like the way we lived. When I was there for 24 hours, I was able to experience some of their delicious food, amazing temples, and their scenery. It was quite captivating. I visited two temples, Kapaleeswarar and Adeeswar, very similar in names! Evidently, it was beautiful in both temples. I went and studied people worshiping their religion - Hinduism. The two temples were beautiful, the Kapaleeswarar temple was heading towards it's 7th century of being in India, and the temple itself was focused on the Goddess Karpagambal, or also known as the Goddess of the 'Wish-Yielding Tree." It was very beautiful. For lunch, I journeyed down to a little "food court" and ordered a food called, Vadai/Thayir Vadia. It was crisp, hot and deep, that set the tongue drooling. It was dressed with a generous dollop of curd and spices, and from what I had learned, was that it has gained popularity over the years and made a mark for itself. I had called it a day after that night. Goodnight, Chennai.

Day Two: After visiting Chennai, India, I was off to Buddhism, a religion I looked forward to learning about. I was in Pattaya, Thailand, looking around. It was very different. Beyond beautiful, it was off water and there was walkways and buildings surrounding it. Everywhere you walked there was something to do. Before I started my religious journey for that day, I stopped at a cozy little restaurant, it wasn't in English so I had no idea how to pronounce it. I ended up grabbing to eat something known as, Tom Yan Goon, which was some vegetables mixed in with noodles. Frankly, it tasted like Low Mein, if that helps you relate back to anything. It was good, I loved it. I decided to head out around 2, look at religious temples and learn about their religion until about 6, head over for dinner and then call it a night, because I needed sleep for tomorrow to explore a brand new religion. As usual, I went exploring temples, and I found one that was astonishing to me. It was called Wat Arun, probably the biggest temple I had seen yet, bigger than the Eiffel Tower, if you can picture this temple. I went inside and immediately loved it, it was huge and spacious. There was room for any religious practice. I ended up seeing one more temple and found a lot of females wearing Burqas. Which is basically, a body wrap that covers their entire body but their eyes and their hands, both necessarily for needing to do simple tasks. I ended up calling it a night after that. I was beyond exhausted and my day had flown by.

Day Three: I was out of Thailand I was straight into another religion also known as Judaism! I was very familiar with this practice because a bunch of my friends were Jewish, and I had learned quite a lot about it. Off my top I new directly where to travel to, the United States! I went to Texas, US, and I found a lot more interesting things about Jewish folks. They worshiped and prayed in front of a wall, the Wailing Wall. I had learned more about the Holocaust, why Hitler hated them so much and why they had vanished like a wisp from out society. It was sad, very sad. I also got to learn about the Star Of David and that it was a protection for them. Since I was in the United States, I ended up snagging a Burger from Frisco, Texas, the place was called Jake's Burgers. I was able to discuss more about Judaism with my friend Elin, who had met me to come speak to me and educate me more on Judaism. It was fun day!

Day Four: I remained in the United States, where Christianity was a big religion there. I explored many churches, two being Stonebriar and Frisco Baptist Church. I even met the pastor at Frisco Baptist Church, (FBC) and figured out his name was Martin Chuck. He was very nice and I loved meeting him and the children's pastors, Brittany Green, Chris Hurt, Chris Lackey, and Ben Price. They were very neat people. I only explored Stonebriar for a little bit but I ended up getting lost because it was crazy packed. Oops! I grabbed some pizza and coke from a pizza joint in Frisco Square and I bought a bible from a store called Mardel. I went back to my hotel room and read up on the bible and studied Christianity. They believed in Jesus, and they loved him to death. I loved learning about Christianity, it was so fun to learn about!

Day Five: My last day! Awww! And I was off back to Chennai, India! I saw the same things I had seen and visited the same temples, but I noticed it was different, new people came and worshiped everyday and their religious practices had been switched around, it was pretty cool! I went to a restaurant and I got some Low Mein to eat, which wasn't a bad idea. I continuously noticed people wearing Burqas and then a fight broke up between two people, and people were shouting and yelling at each other and gun shots were going off. I ran to safety and back to my hotel, I had often read that in India, religious outbreaks and fights were common. It had scared me, because the world just needed to live in complete peace without any commotion. I was going to fix that, but all in good time, all in good time.


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