Melanoma By: Tazahria Jarrott

What is melanoma?

  • a type of skin cancer
  • most common type of cancer in the USA
  • comes from the rapid growth of skin cells that multiply and form tumors

Symptoms of melanoma

  • A change in the size of a mole
  • A change in the color of a mole
  • A change in the shape of a mole
  • The mole is evolving

Who can get Melanoma and how many have or have had Melanoma:

  • People without a lot of melanin in their skin to protect them
  • People who spend a lot of time in the sun
  • Any person with over 100 moles has a high risk of getting Melonoma
  • 1/5 Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime
  • One person dies of melanoma every 54 minutes
  • An estimated 9,730 people will die of melanoma this year alone

How can you get melanoma:

  • UV rays from the sun
  • UV rays from tanning beds

How melanoma is treated

  • Surgery
  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiation
  • Biologic Therapy

Ways you can prevent melanoma

  • Avoid going outside during the midday on sunny days
  • Avoid tanning beds
  • Wear sunscreen year-round
  • Wear protective clothing
  • KNOW your skin

Stages of Melanoma

Parts of Melanoma

Created By
Tazahria Jarrott

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