Corrinne Wolcoski Painting Adventures 2019 Banff, Whistler, Haida Gwaii + Alaska

Artist in Residence | BANFF | April 11-25

The Fairmont Banff Hotel in partnership with Mountain Galleries presents the Artist in Residence program. Following in the footsteps of the Canadian Pacific Railway’s vision in the early 1900’s that saw the railway use artwork to tell the story of the hotel and its’ destination to potential travelers around the globe, Corrinne has been chosen by Mountain Galleries to live and paint in the hotel for two weeks. She will be working in the 'Art Room at the Castle' giving guests the opportunity to watch the art come to life from the first stroke of the brush. The ‘Artist in Residence’ program gives hotel guests the chance to become inspired artists themselves.

‘Meeting so many guests from every corner of the world & sharing my art with them is incredibly enriching. I always look forward to spending time in Banff and being inspired in the Canadian Rockies. If you find yourself in Banff while I am here... please stop by I would love to see you!
Artist in Residence | WHISTLER | May 10-14
Live painting demonstrations in the Chateau Fairmont Whistler Lobby.

The Artist in Residence at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler is very special. This trip will be my 5th time as the AIR. Along with dozens of Farmers Market Demos during the summer months outside Mountain Galleries (beside Portabello) the hotel, the warmth of the employees and charm of the gallery staff is immeasurable! It feels like coming home and I look forward to my trips here. As a professional artist, I feel truly blessed to be able to share my love of the West Coast with so many.

Painting Expedition | HAIDA GWAII | May 25-Jun 8

For several years, I planned and plotted a trip to Haida Gwaii. So many artists and friends have made this journey & I have yet to meet one disappointed traveler! Well, finally my plans are set and I will be carving out my own adventure here. Painting, sketching, hiking, photographing and exploring on land and ocean my goal is to immerse myself in the landscape. The spills of this trip will be a new series of work and an upcoming solo exhibition in Victoria at Madrona Gallery.

(adjacent/above photos from www.gohaidagwaii.com)

Artist in Residence | ALASKA, | July 2-30

July 2019 Along the Alaskan Coastline

Azamara Cruises in partnership with Art Waves are host to an extensive art experience and will allow me to become fully immersed with art and share this with the guests.

Traveling along the West Coast is a passion. There is an unexplained connection I have to this landscape and my best response is to interpret it in paint. I have journeyed along the coastlines of the Mexican Baja, California, Oregon, Washington, B.C. & Alaska and I always find so much inspiration and material from which to create new works. For an entire month, I will travel along the BC/Alaskan Coast and explore so many new parts that I have not yet seen. The pristine beauty and untouched wilderness simply makes me smile and feel such happiness inside - this is what I paint, the experience of that feeling.

Upcoming exhibitions and work will be available soon at Mountain Galleries (Whistler, Banff, Jasper), Madrona Gallery in Victoria and a special studio show with the Artist in Vancouver. An update will be shared with trip highlights and details at the end of summer.
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