12 Days of Tech-Mas By: Houston Mclaury


Canva is an editing software that allows you to use photo's on the internet, and from your computer or chromebook. Some pictures can cost money though. It's a very easy picture editing software for beginners, simple to understand and straight to the point. My first tip, is to have all photo's you want to put into your canva already downloaded, and in the system. Another tip is that you can find an outline, or design that you want to use on Canva, without going through the hard process of making one yourself. The last tip is that you can quickly make a canva, if you already have all of your info before the project.


Pixlr is a photo editing software, kind of like Fireworks, and Photoshop, except it's free. On it, you have the same tools as the tools on Fireworks. It's very usefull if you don't have a laptop or computer for using Fireworks, and don't have the money to buy Photoshop. It can also be related to Canva, because you can buy pictures online, and get some for free. My first tip for this site, is to use your own photo's or some you found on google that have no copyright. The second tip is to use the keys to get to your tools, and not the mouse. This is because it takes a lot less time. The last tip there is, is that there you should save your pictures, or download them, so you can start up on it, or improve it.


Wevideo is a video editing software that can help you create a video. With it, you can record your own video, and if you're a member, you can have unlimited record time. You can cut scenes, break them apart, and have your own music over the video playing as well. This can be useful so you can make video, instead of a presentation, or if you were sick. The first tip I can give you is to add a theme to your video, to make it more lively. The second tip is to overlay sound, music, or anything else. This can add more character to your video. The last tip there is, is to add text to a blank slide, to give people information.

Doc hub

Doc hub is a document editing website, where you can send information, or to sign a PDF. This can be useful if you get sent a lot of PDFs and have no ways of editing them. The first tip there is, is to make sure you sort out your PDFs. If you don't name the PDFs, and don't organize them, chances are, you won't remember which one you need. The second tip is to notice the toolbar that's given to you, and decide which option would be the best to use. The last tip is to know that there are no limitations on what you can send. PDFs or other files, you can send it all.


Garageband is an app you can download, to make different kinds of music with instruments, without actually having to buy them. You can also use tech-no music, and overlap them. Garageband can be used to add music to a presentation, adding character to it. But, other than that there isn't much to talk about with Garageband. The first tip you can have is to include the loops tool, so you can see how it all loops around, and how it sounds. The second tip is to search for genre, and types of music. This is much easier than scrolling through it all. The last tip that I can give you is to try to make a good repeating beat. This will give the song more consistencies.


The Fireworks program is another program that can edit photos, and is the best one to use, if you want to use a photo editing software. It's usually on an advanced laptop, or computer. A few ways to use Fireworks, is to incorporate the photo into a video, or a presentation.The first tip you should have, is to use different fonts. This can add depth to your photo. Another tip you should have, is to know how to make shadows, and to edit photos into shapes. This can help showing you have many skills in the area. The last tip is to use the features key, to make your fonts, or photo's look fancier.


Photoshop, is a widely used photo editing software, and involves the same tools used in Fireworks. Photoshop costs money, which can come as a setback to some. You can use photoshop while doing a presentation, or to make a funny little photo. The first tip is to make sure you know how to use the history states. This can help you go to a certain point you think you messed up on. Another tip is to cycle through layers you've done, and make sure that you like what you see. Make sure you know the shortcut to the mover tool, which is control. This is extremely helpful, because you don't need to check if you are on the mover tool, you can just hit ctrl.


Coding is a way to make a website, or format a game. This can be useful if you want to go above and beyond expectations for an assignment. The first tip is to make sure you have a lot of time to do this. If you don't you probably won't be able to finish the site or game. The second tip is to not use Global Coding otherwise, things will get extremely complicated. The last tip is to have a coding standard so you maintain it.

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a video, site, and posts. The good thing about this video making software is that the photo's usually don't cost anything. With adobe spark, and the videos, you can quickly make a fun, quirky video. Or, you can make a long post about a project you had to do. This can be useful mainly for students. The first tip I can give you, is to add a good theme to it, so your audience can get a good, or serious feel from it. The second tip, is to add a good music to your video. If you use a happy sounding song, than the message won't come to your audience about your serious topic. The last tip is to make sure you use your voice, but make sure the scene doesn't go over 10 seconds, otherwise your words will be chopped up, and won't make sense.


Playir is an app making website where you can make a game app. This can be useful for the tech teachers if they want to give their students a bit of a challenge, which is always good to do. The first tip, is to make sure your computer has a lot of memory, otherwise none of your apps will save. The second tip is to know if you're being lead into the process. Playir can give the person step by step instructions, so if you want to be free, just turn the setting off. The last tip is to know what platform you want to make. The Playir website has little choices you can choose from, varying from 3-D platforms, to fighting games.

Autodesk Inventor 2016

Autodesk is a picture making program, and can usually be used for printing 3D objects. It can be useful if you want to make a visual representation. The first tip is to know the X, Y, and Z, so you can add depth to your printed object. The second tip is to add a texture to it, so it actually looks like an object, and not some simple white thing. The last tip is to know the size of the thing you are making. If you just make a random design, and don't measure it, you will more than likely make it a giant piece.


Quizlet is a studying platform, mainly for students. This can be help for people who have problems studying, and they can also incorporate games into it. The first tip, is to have the terms, and name in the quizlet study guide you made. This will let you study the term, and help you understand it. Another tip is to use Gravity to memorize terms. This will be easier than trying to memorize it using the other options. The last tip is to use learn when you want to see if you've memorized it. This is because the terms won't be given to you.

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