Florida: Museum of Natural History Siddharth Kumar

I went to the Florida Museum of Natural History on February 25th and I saw this cool turtle model as well as other interesting models.

The design of this exhibit was appealing to me because there were a lot of creatures that I did not expect to see, especially of this size. It caught my attention because as I was walking through the underwater exhibit I saw these huge fish and I did not think that these kind of fish even existed. I would not have believed that these large fish existed if I was just shown a picture of them or anything. The fact that there are life sized models of them is what made me understand that these creatures are or have been real. I really enjoyed the detail that was put in every object in the exhibits because it really brought a lifelike experience to what it would be like to stand next to these creatures.

I do think that the museum provided us to experience nature in the way Leopald believes we should. For example, in the butterfly garden, all the butterflies are in an area that they would normally be, except in this situation, they are in a very large closed area. However, they are given all the plants and nutrition, as well as space that the butterflies would otherwise require to live. I felt amazed at all of the different things in the museum and I sensed that the people put in time and effort and actually cared about what was in the museum and how the butterflies were being treated. I thought that everything in the museum was very informative without being intrusive to any living creature there. I think that other people were also amazed and intrigued by all of the information presented in the museum and that the animals are properly treated. We were able to connect with nature by directly being in the habitat of the butterflies without harming them and it instilled in me a feeling of responsibility to help conserve these butterflies, and other creatures, and help them prosper even more.

The Natural History Museum helped me step out of my ordinary life by presenting me with very interesting exhibits that represented various cultures and various parts of nature that I would normally not see in my day to day life. It helped me better understand who I am by allowing me to see that there is more to life than just what I have actually seen and experienced in it. It also helped me better understand the mystery and majesty of nature by giving me a glimpse of some of the things out in this world that I would not have even thought exists.

All photographs taken on Siddharth Kumar's phone.

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Siddharth Kumar


All photographs taken on Siddharth Kumar's phone.

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