My Favorite Saint: Saint Bridget of Sweden By Karen McGee

  • Born: around June 1303; We do not know the exact date.
  • Died: July 23, 1373
  • Feast day: July 23 (used to be October 8)
  • Patroness of Europe, Sweden, and Widows
July 23 is a significant day because it is the day we honor Saint Bridget and the anniversary of her death.
  • Her father was a knight and one of the richest landowners in Sweden. Bridget was related to the Swedish kings of her time.
  • At age 10, she had a vision of Jesus on the cross and asked who Christ who treated him like that. In her vision, Jesus answered her. She received other visions of Jesus at his Nativity and one of God telling her to go to Rome.
  • Bridget got married at age 14 to a lord and had eight children. Six of her eight children survived infancy, which was very rare at that time.
  • In her early thirties, she was called to be the lady-in-waiting to the new Queen of Sweden.
  • Her husband died shortly after their pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. After his death, Bridget joined the Third Order of St. Francis and devoted herself to a life of prayer and caring for the sick and poor.
  • She started a new order for men and women. This new order turned away all surplus income to the poor. Those who stayed at her order lived in poor convents.
  • Throughout her life, she went on pilgrimages to Jerusalem, Rome, and Bethlehem.
  • Bridget went to confession every day and was always smiling.

Saint Bridget, I ask that you watch over me and guide me through this difficult time. I have so much to do and it seems as if there is not enough time in the day. Please help me get through these tests and assist me in my work so that I am no longer worried or stressed. Through our Lord, Jesus Christ, Amen.


I did not give nor receive unauthorized help on this work. Karen McGee

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