Viva MAX Vegas! A Celebration of Creativity

After less than a week back from sabbatical, I find myself on a flight to Las Vegas for the 2017 edition of Adobe MAX. If there are multiple ways to rocket myself back into the Adobe culture, participating in MAX is the best one of all.
Links to my other MAX Vegas photo stories

With the exception of this story, all the others are mostly photographs at this time. But I will be building on them, adding words to the pictures, in the coming days. I hope you enjoy them as they are, and please do check back for updates over the coming week.

On the final day of MAX, I was so busy with booth duties and Assisting in workshops, that I did not take enough photos to justify a story (yes, shocking, I know).

What is Adobe MAX?

For the uninitiated, Adobe MAX is a 3-5 day celebration of creativity, ingenuity thought leadership and magic - if you will - focused around all things Adobe. With an anticipated attendance of more than 12,000 creatives from all disciplines as well as executive-level professionals, teachers and students, it is perhaps Adobe’s most highly anticipated customer event of the year.

12,000 people - the largest MAX ever - gather for the Day 1 Keynote session at MAX Vegas.

As I’ve mentioned in previous stories about MAX, the conference is full of energy, excitement and positive vibes. You can’t help but get pulled into the creative tide. The lead up is a two-day preconference series which attendees pay an additional fee for, but from which they reap a wealth of rewards and skills. Two days of themed, intensive hands-on workshops run by both Adobe evangelists and skilled industry professionals. I’ll be boots on the ground for the first day of preconference, acting as TA and documentarian.

Over the years, I have participated in Adobe MAX in a variety of roles: Speaker, Teaching Assistant, Adobe Employee, Social Media ambassador. Often in multiple roles at once. This year, I’ll be a Teaching Assistant, Social Media Ambassador, semi-official photographer (primarily for EDU-MAX), and part of the Make-It booth staff.

I’ve already begun my social media posting, using primarily Adobe Spark Post, pushed through my social media channels. Real photography will likely start on Monday, although I won’t be surprised if I capture a few images after I land in Vegas in a few hours.

Tuesday will be the MAX version of Adobe Creative Campus, EDUMAX, where thought leaders from education both present and attend in a day long series of sessions about the possibilities of using creativity in all disciplines, and the feasibility of putting this digital literacy into practice with Adobe tools.

And Wednesday…well that’s when the real fun begins, with more than 12,000 attendees arriving for a 3-day marathon of networking, learning and - dare I say it again – creativity.

I will do my best to sum up each day in separate Spark Pages, so stay tuned to my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds

Made it to Vegas without incident or turbulence. This is my first time staying at the Venetian and I must say, the rooms are palatial!

Very nice accommodations at the Venetian Hotel and Casino, home base for Adobe MAX this year.
Set Up Day

In the past, I have acted as a teaching assistant during the preconference sessions, but this year I and some of my colleagues helprd our dedicated marketing team on Monday, setting up the rooms for both EDUMAX and for their Adobe Educators Day. While both events are about education and digital literacy, the focus of each events is different. EDUMAX is more about facilitation, feasibility, showcasing the importance of creativity across all disciplines, and how Adobe tools can positively impact the student experience and success.

A packed room at the EDUMAX 2017 conference.

The Adobe Educators Day at Adobe MAX is focused on the practice of teaching. More than 130 Adobe Education Leaders, and other faculty attending MAX are joining together on Tuesday to discuss the practice of teaching, share ideas on digital literacy and how technology can benefit both student and teacher.

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