#MOJOcambodia Mobile Journalism Masterclass @ Phnom Penh, February 2019



During The Khmer Rouge Regime this school was used as a​​ prison. Victims were questioned and tortured here. Over a thousand people were killed. Today the building hosts Toul Sleng Genocide Museum. It represents the cruelty of the Khmer Rouge soldiers. But it is not seen as an important attraction to visit by Cambodia’s youth. Not yet.

A short film produced by Chhum Chaivathanak and Pia Steckelbach


Cyclo has been the main form of public transportation service in Phnom Penh for decades, but the sustainability of this iconic vehicle is now being threatened by cars, rickshaws and Tuk-Tuks. Here is what drivers of both a cyclo and Tuk-Tuk have to say about the future of their vehicle.

A short film produced by Nguon Vatanak Bandet and Robert Schlieker

Regarding transportation and mobility, a lot is in flux. But some things still work better in an old-fashioned way:

Pagoda and Politics

A Buddhist monk not only lives an exceptional way of religious life, he can also study and work. Rim Sokvy, 26, studies political science and currently also does an internship at the Cambodia office of Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung. How his day looks like?

A short film produced by Chan Sokmeng and Raphael Rauch

the Coconut Man

Coconut juice is one of the most popular drinks in Phnom Penh. People can find it around almost every corner and at a very affordable price. For vendors like Chheang Ly selling coconuts for a living is a really good business.

A short film produced by Oeng Mengkong and Johannes Tam Tran

Cambodians like to eat all sorts of things that seem a bit unusual for European menus. Johannes Tran went on an foody field trip. This is what he found out:

English for a Better Future

Rachna teaches English in a rural village in Cambodia’s Takeo province. Her classes are part of an educational programme. It is free of charge but not all that easy.

A short film produced via smartphone by: Ngov Chihor & Peter Jagla.

WElcome to the circus

Besides attending a regular primary school, 14-year-old Davy also goes to the National Circus School of Cambodia, six days a week. Even though she has six more years of training to go, the hard work is already paying off.

A short film produced by Magdalena Neubig and Sovann Sreypin

The Animal keepers

There are no animal protection laws in Cambodia. Dogs and cats are often treated badly and snatched from the streets to be sold as meat. Dola, a young Khmer, works in an animal rescue center in Phnom Penh. He is trying to help.

A short film produced by Julia Ruhs and Ngan Sokun

History Mapped in Hands

‘Mapping Memories Cambodia’ is a newly launched app by the Department of Media and Communication at the Royal University of Cambodia. The app maps out various places in Phnom Penh and pinpoints what happened there during the Khmer Rouge Regime. A student went on a historical walk for us and checked the app.

A short film produced by Sem Paroda and Valentin Weimer

About #mojocambodia

If you want to work as journalist in Cambodia, you should not only be suitable for the tropics, but be fearless and adventurous. The fastest way to get around is not the handy Tuk-Tuks, which you can conveniently order by smartphone, but the backseat of the scooters that our Cambodian students use to flit through Phnom Penh’s rush hour traffic.

A quick Google search for “Cambodia” and its history lead readers to the bright time of the medieval Khmer Empire in Angkor and, secondly, to the darkest period of its history during the 1970s ruling of the radical communist Khmer Rouge. Today, however, a dynamically young population is writing tirelessly on a new chapter of the country's history: including a future they opt for.

Our talks on the spot during the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung’s intercultural mobile journalism workshop showed that, while the shadows of the past still reach into the present, people are trying to look ahead: vivid startups, women in leadership positions and apps for all situations. Cambodia is right in the middle of a huge modernization process.

This intercultural training was a blast: Eight Cambodian students of the Department of Media and Communication at Royal University of Phnom Penh worked together with eight German students, all fellows of Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung’s journalism school, JONA, in Germany. Together they saw different facets of Phnom Penh, met people at the Senate, people working in newsrooms, think tanks, startups and at the German embassy. They met people whose stories they captured with their smartphones. And this is what participants and staff take away from this Mobile Journalism Masterclass:

Mobile Journalism Masterclass was a workshop run by Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Cambodia, February 2019. Organization: Robert Hör, Astrid Csuraji | Training: Mark Egan, Astrid Csuraji, Aun Chhengpor | Assistance and Web: Anna Klein

Participants: Chhum Chaivathanak, Pia Steckelbach, Nguon Vatanak Bandet, Robert Schlieker, Chan Sokmeng, Raphael Rauch, Oeng Mengkong, Johannes Tam Tran, Sem Paroda, Valentin Weimer, Julia Ruhs, Ngan Sokun, Ngov Chihor, Peter Jagla, Magdalena Neubig, Sovann Sreypin.


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