Good Life Tour of the Harn

Medium/Technique - In this exhibit, a video taken by Jean Borgatti of the Okakagbe masquerade in Nigeria is featured. This exhibit caught my attention because the use of video as an art form is a rarity in art museums. The idea of using a video to portray a human experience as art is genius, because it allows the viewer to experience the movement, emotion, and vivacity that stationary mediums cannot capture. Standing in front of the video projection, watching it reflect on the mirror next to myself, made it feel like I was there, dancing along with them.
Design of the Museum - I particularly enjoyed the garden area of the museum. Sometimes, walking through a museum with such a vast amount of pieces can be overwhelming. A quick escape to feel the sunshine and breathe fresh air was just what I needed to process the content of the museum. The benches next to the calming waterfalls allow visitors to sit and reflect on the thought provoking art of the museum.
Art and Core Values - In Washington Square by Raphael Soyer. This painting particularly appealed to my core value of helping others. Often in our society, the poor are overlooked, forgotten, and mistreated. In this painting, the members of the poor, working class of New York City (circa 1935) are depicted in clear detail. Unlike the blurriness of the background, the people in the foreground have distinguished facial features and expressions. This reminded me that everyone in our society matters, even the seemingly insignificant. Every life has purpose, and I want to care about and help the less fortunate in as much detail as possible.
Art and the Good Life - Will she rise again? By Francisco Goya. In this painting by Goya, we see a dead woman with a crowd surrounding her, wondering if she'll rise again. As a part of a series depicting the injustices of war, this sketch brings to light the issue of the loss of innocent life as a result of war. In the quest for the good life, we must decide if fighting for a cause is worth the loss of life. This challenges me to think about all the injustices in our society today, not only innocent death, and begin the conversation about how to remedy these injustices moving forward. Forward thinking and action prevents us from wondering if the woman will rise again, and motivates us to prevent unjust death in the first place.

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