5 Tips For a Productive Day at School Courtesy of CavsTV

Get Out of Your Chair

The seated position in which students spend seven hours of their day in puts a huge strain on their muscles, neck and spine. It is important that you utilize the scheduled breaks to move around and stretch.

Want to stretch but don't now how to start? Check out this tutorial video!

Change Your Clothes

It's tempting to stay in your comfy clothes, but staying in what you went to sleep in keeps you in a tired mindset. By changing one's clothes not only do you feel more motivated to start your day, but you also look good while doing it!

Put Away Your Phone

Your phone is most likely your number one distraction right now. Nobody's perfect, and it's very hard to pay attention when you know your favorite apps are a click away. However, your schoolwork is more important, all those posts and videos will still be there afterwards.

If you have trouble putting your phone away, try putting it into Do Not Disturb (or your phone's equivalent). This will help lessen the distractions caused by all the incoming notifications.

Stay Hydrated

We all know that drinking water is good for us, however we fail to acknowledge that out bodies would be nothing without it. Drinking water is extremely important as it not only improves concentration and cognition, but it also helps balance your mood.

Make sure you are hydrated all day by keeping a bottle of water around you at all times!

Move Around

It's good to get a change of scenery every few hours. At school, we switch classes, so why don't you change locations every few hours? Changing around your location not only prevents you from getting bored, but also allows you to move around.


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