Luke Mack Paige Mahoney

About Luke Mack

Luke Mack is a Visual Artist and an Automotive Designer from Detroit, Michigan. Luke strives to create strong conceptual ideas and stories through his artwork. He disguises them as beautiful images with bold compositions. He has taken influence from graffiti culture, Eastern thought, and a critical view of Western hedonism. He always tries to achieve higher levels of realism and more dynamic compositions. Luke works mainly in oils, and he believes that details are just as important as showing loose brush strokes. Luke Mack also works digitally and in 3D.

Artwork by Luke Mack

These images by Luke Mack are well balanced and unified. He uses colors in the images that depict the personality of the subject, and himself. Most of the colors used give a calming feel to the image, and there are bright colors used to make emphasis of a certain point in an image.

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