Family of Friends Mentoring 2017 Annual Report

Solomon, age 7, with mentors Alex & Jude
"Jude and Alex provide another safe space for Solomon to be his authentic self. They have broken down his wall and gotten in. He totally trusts them and they don't give up on him." -Sheka, mother of Solomon, age 7

"As adults with access to power, we must listen to and empower our youth. We must partner with them and be willing to shift our mindset from 'let's change kids' to 'let's change the systems that affect kids.' This year at Family of Friends, we will be asking ourselves: "What role can youth mentoring play in systemic change for youth who are placed at the margins of our society?' We invite you--parents, volunteers and stakeholders--in answering this question."

-Michelle Kosta, Executive Director, pictured with Allison Yoder, Program Manager (left), and Monica Segura Bilingual Match Coordinator (right)

Janetza, age 12, with mentor, Kate
"The first time I came out here, I was a little nervous because I hadn't seen a horse in a long time. It's really good to have a mentor because it's fun and makes you feel like you can just do anything." -Janetza, age 12
Emily, age 15, with mentor Renee
Ali, age 9, with mentor Smith
"Mentoring is an absolute gift. It's so enriching to be part of building a community and making those connections." -Suzanne, mentor to Yajahira, age 8
Catelynn, age 11, with mentor Julie
Nina, age 10, with mentor Kaili
"We're having a blast and would recommend it [mentoring] to anyone. The beauty of Family of Friends is that it's not the type of program where you have to do any one specific activity. You just have to be there for your match and be that supportive adult in his or her life." -David and Sandra, mentors to Marco, age 12

Tremendous thanksĀ to all our donors and supporters!


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