Chora Project Cate mabry

My Chora Project attempts to capture different aspects of my favorite place on earth, C Lazy U Ranch in Colorado. The first section, Essence, is composed of different views from around the ranch. I chose the entrance as the first photograph in my sequence to invite the view on what you could call a digital immersion. The views feature the mountains in various lighting, seasons, and weather. The reason I chose the vast landscapes for Essence was to try and depict the ways in which the essence of a place remains the same, just like the mountains, no matter what may change all around it and within it.


Walk into the gate

Make your way down the pathway

Come with me and see

Although it is cold

Mountains stand solid and strong

Their beauty intact

Cotton candy sky

Looks as if I could taste it

Sugar and sunsets

The green and the blue

Compiled from the mountains and sky

Compete with another

The heaven and earth

Meet up deep in the mountains

Their laugh is the wind


The next section is Function, for which I chose various roads and paths that lie within and to the ranch. To me, these roads remind me of the surrounding river that continue to be travelled upon. I tried to capture the ways in which the winding bends of the road emulate the curve of a river, while functioning to allow us to move freely. The road also reminds me of how our paths in life are rarely straight, yet we always seem to arrive where we want to go. They function to help us carry out activities that we love. You never know what adventure might wait around the next bend. The people that appear on these roads are significant in that they represent that we are not always alone on the road.

I know this road well

Different directions I go

But always come home

Like a snake it winds

Longest driveway I have seen

Dust blows at my feet

Walking toward water

With Big Brown on his mind

What will the day bring

She grasps on the mane

Hoofs plodding against the dirt

The horse listens out

Steps of stone go down

Ancient yet sturdy as nails

Did God set these down?


I chose photographs of rivers in this section to capture the ways in which this place effects my mood. The water calms me down, even though its currents can rage by like the stress of life. Perhaps being near such a great force reminds me to slow down and that I am not in control. I also attempted to create a sense of excitement and adventure that I feel whenever I go fly fishing or white water rafting. The light in these photographs were edited in order to create a hopeful feeling at what the day might bring. The idea that rivers flow into one another is hopefully manifested in these photographs as they all have a bit of essence and function within them.

The ebb and the flow

Remind me of a blood vessel

A liferequirement

Silent yet forceful

Water mimics my spirit

Perhaps it is I

Sunlight is hopeful

One more cast before I'm through

At last a hook sets

Like a road the river

Helps carry me to and from

Noise and time and stress

Winding and rolling

I wonder if its alive

Spirit containing


Finally, I chose to display the heart of the ranch in various seasons and weather. Every time I return to Colorado, it is a different season and I bring with me different perspectives. You can see how the beauty of the building comes out in different ways, determining the ways in which you approach it. Someone once told me that no one sees the same thing. I like to think of this section as a visual representation of this idea: we all see a brown building in a different light depending on what our surroundings are. The rainbows represent the hopeful feelings that run throughout the sequence, and the unchanging essence of the barn relates to the mountains.

The face of the barn

Sun beaming against its back

Shadows are casting

A blanket of white

Is brushed off of the strong pine

Swishing tail and hoof

A rainbow of hope

Peers out from the empty clouds

Satisfied they are

Perching like a hen

She fiercely warms her children

While standing alert

Ridges of color

Are different yet alike

Working together

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